Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sewing room ...remodeling??

When a girl gets an idea it is dangerous...and when it has to do with her sewing room its even more dangerous.

I made a harmless comment to my hubby that I needed more table space in my sewing thing I knew we were measuring the walls...making new layout plans...even a trip to Ikea for inspiration.... before I knew what hit me...I was emptying cupboards... moving everything out of my sewing room.....first we started to carry stuff in the basement but we quickly discovered...up & down the stairs would kill us...besides we'd have to bring it all back up in a week or we decided to fill so every corner upstairs with my sewing stuff....

Our bedroom ...
....the walk in closet has my faux leathers

I won't even show you what the dress tops look like ...but every corner is filled...
Even the master bathroom wasn't taking a bath for a few weeks....don't worry, we still have 2 showers in the house...
Now that everything was out...I decided I might as well repaint the walls red!! ...I've picked a nice light green ...

...and I am whitewashing the cupboards...hubby thinks I've lost my mind but this is way easier then I are a couple cupboards I did last night...
Hopefully the walls will be painted over the weekend...and the new table tops will be delivered next week....then will come the fun part...putting everything back. 
I have way to much stuff!!! 
What was I thinking !!
Hope its worth it in the end ??!

Happy sewing 
( I would if I could find my machine?)

Monday, January 26, 2015


is the newest design by DELINDA BOUTIQUES ...and I had the pleasure of testing it.

This was my first time testing a pattern for Maria Petrova and I have to admit when I first got the pattern I was unsure which fabrics to use..the possibilities were endless.
I happen to have a couple girlfriends here that day and you should of seen my sewing room as we were putting fabrics together...One was wild animal prints, the other was shades of browns, then shades of orange the end I went with these colors ( I had just bought the burgundy colored suede and wanted to use burgundy & grays won!)
I have to warn you ...this is a BIG bag!! ...44cm W x  41H x 7.5 D ( 17.5" W x 16"H x 3" D) ...measurements are without handles
This is one of the biggest totes I have first I was overwhelmed by the size but it quickly grew on me..I discovered sometimes a girl needs a BIG bag....especially if its as stylish as this one....and not everyone is short like me, there are a lot of tall women that would love this size of a bag...but if the size is to big for you ....don't fret...the great part is that you can easily print the pattern at 80% or 90% and it will still sew up beautifully !

I really liked the shape of it and once I got over the size, I started having some fun making it...on the front, I used different fabrics ( cotton, upholstery & faux leathers) ..some lace, buttons & buckles were added...
I couldn't leave the back plain...faux leather is perfect for machine a design was added and a few scraps of suede were perfect for the accents ( nothing goes to waste here!)
I love line sticking on faux leather...
Doesn't this remind you of the game " pick up sticks" ??
There is also a cool hidden pocket on the back....
I love that shape of the gusset... it creates a point...stylish !
Since I used faux leather for the handles...I made them the way I showed you in tutorial #2 ..this reduces a lot of bulk--and I think it looks nice with all the stitching .....
Last be not least...the inside has tons of room....with big pockets to help you find your keys.
(does anyone recognize the lining fabric?? Those are sheets I bought on sale at Ikea..I ironed interfacing to make it thicker ...and viola .... perfect lining 
....the pattern is easy to follow...TONS of pictures !! have a choice of a top zipper closure or magnet
... if zippers scare you, you and leave it off on the backside and still have a beautiful tote ( perfect of   confident beginners)
...the bag is big but can easily be printed smaller...truly one size fits all! can mix all kinds of fabrics together and use up some scraps!

If you would like to make your own Rosanna can get your pattern *here* 

Happy Sewing !

Friday, January 23, 2015

I'm back & Freebies....

I know I have been missing in action....thanks to all that have written me privately to see if I had taken off on some exotic vacation...Wish I had!!

I have been busy testing some patterns ( can't share yet)  ...planning on how to redo my sewing room ( I need more space the fabric has taken over) .... driving my Hubby crazy with my ideas...and basically just being to lazy to write.

Its time to come out of my winter hibernation...

What better way then to let you know about three new FREE bag patterns !!!
Those words even get me out of bed!!

The first bag is "Laney Hobo Bag " by Swoon Patterns
You can download it *here*

The second bag is "The Baker Street Bag"  by Sara at Sew Sweetness
You can download it *here*

Last but not least ... is this adorable bag "Mabel Vintage Handbag" by Alicia at Swoon Sewing Patterns !
You can download it *here*

In case you have also been in a winter sleep like me..these three patterns should wake you up!
They did me!!

 Happy Sewing !

Monday, January 5, 2015

Faux Leather tutorial #4...

 These are the handles & tabs I made for my "Mary Poppins" bag ( know as The Companion Carpet Bag) The January Bag for the Bag of the Month club.
Making this kind of handles & tabs was way easier then I had expected....

- Faux Leather ( the thicker ones work good here)
- Metal Snaps
- Teflon foot
- thicker thread (50/2)
- Schmetz #90 Universal needle
- Sharp scissors
- Glue Stick
- and your sewing machine of course.
*Optional * Permanent Marker the color of your faux leather

- I am including a handle & tabs pattern  for those those that don't want to draw their *here - Handles* & *here - Tabs"
*** ...please don't sell this is meant as a free tutorial for your pleasure.***

Cut out the pattern....I glued it to a piece of cardboard ( old cereal box) this makes it easier to trace on the faux leather.
           * Now is the time to decide on how long you would like your handles...the original ones are 19" (48cm )( space between the dashed lines) ....I wanted mine a bit longer... so I made them 19.5" (50cm) ...add the length to the middle of the pattern to get the length you wish.

Place your pattern on the wrong side of your faux leather ...trace it...cut it our neatly with sharp scissors.
Place the cut out handle on a roughly cut out piece of faux leather...I used a glue stick in a few spots to hold them together.
... sew approx. 1/8" to 1/4" from the edge ...* don't forget *Do NOT  backstitch...leave long tails to tie of threads later ( see tutorial#3  on how to do this)
It should look like this 
Neatly trim the extra faux leather away....viola ...a handle

Repeat for the second handle...

With my awl...I premade little holes in the ends of the handles...this makes it easier to sew them on.
Now you can decide if you want to leave the edges of the faux leather as they are...
...or use the permanent maker to color them in ( I colored mine in ) careful not to get it on the faux leather...

Snap Tab.....
There are all kind of sizes & shapes of snaps out there...please follow the manufactures instructions on how to install them...
These are the ones I used because thats what I had on hand ..
There are a couple ways to make your tabs...the sewing process is the same as the handles but the placement of the snap has to be decided on first.
If you want snap tabs like these....
... sew the tabs using the technique above and then install the metal snap to both parts.
(if your faux leather is a double layer for the male part also)

If you do not wish see the top of the metal snap like in this tab... have to apply the female snap to the wrong side of one tab ... faux leather wrong sides together, concealing the metal part in the middle of the two faux leathers..
 Add male snap to a piece of faux leather..
 ...lay tab on top ( snapping the snaps together )...trace around the tab on the faux leather...cut out
 ...Don't forget to remake your holes on the bottom snap part....

Viola ...strap & tabs made

Now wasn't that easy???
Experiment with different shapes for the ends of your straps! ( pointy, square, etc)

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial?? 
If there are any other kind of handles you would like me to try ...let me know.
Happy Sewing !!
P.S: If anyone has any trouble downloading the patterns...please let me know ..this is the first time I have tried doing this

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Snow storm....

....since we got hit with a snow storm and our guest have to stay the night...the Faux leather handles tutorial is cancelled till tomorrow ... sorry .....

Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Bag of the Month.....January!

Can you say "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" 
...thats the first thing that came to mind when Samantha asked me to test this pattern.
I loved Mary Poppins as a kid and always wanted a bag like hers.....finally I have one!
Here is my version of " The Companion Carpet Bag "
I have to admit when I got the pattern to test,  I was a bit worried if I could sew it...I have never made a bag with a tubular frame...but Samantha said it was easy...and it was easy !! The pattern is super easy to follow, great instructions & lots of pictures ... I would even say a confident beginner could make this bag! It looks way harder then it is.
even the back looks nice....
Samantha also said to used cottons & not thick upholstery fabric or faux leather...of course I didn't listen to her. I wanted my Carpet Bag to be made from thick Gobelin fabric. At first I was going to go with a traditional red rose pattern but then I changed my mind and went for this wild circle pattern. 
I also decide to make the frame tunnel out of red faux was way easier then I had thought it would be.
...I even trimmed the front pocket with a bit of the faux leather....
For the inside I used a red taffeta. I added a slip pocket that goes the whole length of the bag....trimmed it with the outer fabric.
...and on the zipper pocket I played around a bit...I decided to try framing it with the faux leather...and it worked great .
The inside will hold a lot !
 If you read Samantha's post, then you already know I made a mistake making this bag.( a decision making mistake, not a sewing one)  Samantha generously sent all her testers the tubular frame, leather handles & tab ( we could pick the color we, brown or red).  At the time I didn't know what fabric I was going use and I didn't know what color I would find...instinctively ( always go with your instinct) I wanted the red handles ...but then I decided it might be safer and picked black ( it would give me more options picking the fabric ) What happened... I found this fabric and needed red what else could I do but make my own!!

The handles & snap tab are self made...and I hate to admit how easy it was to make them.
To prove it...tomorrow I will post a tutorial on how you can make your own handles! 

I hope you liked my "Mary Poppins" bag....if you want to make your own, you have to join the Bag of the Month club... click " here " for info...
Happy Sewing !!
** The pattern includes two sizes - 8" & 12 "frames ....I used the 12"frames but I will be ordering the 8" was just to much fun not to make another one ( or two!) 

P.S: I have also linked up with TT - Taschen und Täschchen 


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