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Friday, August 28, 2015

Loretta Tassel Bag....

......another lovely bag design by Maria of Delinda Boutique.
The Loretta Tassel bag was fun to sew since I got to use faux leather & pretty tapestry fabric but I am sure it would also look great in cotton fabrics or denims or all in faux leather. That is one of the things I like about Maria's patterns that they are very versatile...changing the fabric changes the look ...if you don't believe me have a look at the other testers version *here*

This is a good sized bag... 
15" W x 12.5" H x 2.5" D ( 38cm x 32 x 6.5)
I thought it sewed up fast & easy. A confident beginner would have no problem make it,...the only part a beginner might have trouble with is sewing the exterior to the interior, since you have to make sure you stop sewing exactly at the seam allowance so that the corners would turn nice & flat. If you follow the instructions you would have no problem. 

As I have mentioned before...every step is detailed in Maria's pattern. For the experience sewer it may seem like to much information but for a beginner it will be a Godsend. Maria wants her patterns to be easy enough to understand that a beginner could make it...and they are.
So if your an advanced sewer like myself and wonder why there are 7 steps showing you how to install a magnet...just scroll past it and remember there was a time when you didn't know how to install a magnet either and would of been greatful for the pictures...that is Maria's patterns every step is detailed.
Now on to the fun!!
The front has a nice big gathered edge slip pocket...
...the back is sleek & could add another slip pocket here !?
  .....the sides have a wing like shape...I love how the gusset is shaped.. I find is cool / different ....
The interior is roomy so you can find everything ... 
with a slip pocket & a zipper pocket to keep you a bit organized....
Since the name of the bag is " Loretta Tassel bag" had to have a tassel but I had to add a bit of bling-bling to it. 
The only thing I changed on the pattern is... I lengthened the handles by 3" since I have bigger shoulders & need more room for my boobs them Maria's model does! LOL
If you would like to make your own Loretta Tassel Bag...
You can get the pattern *here* & here 

Happy Sewing !

  • I used a very thin soft faux leather exterior.
  • a tapestry fabric for the exterior pocket
  • a decorator thickness fabric for the interior ( didn't need any interfacing) 
  • 5mm headliner for the batting

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Brigitte's Flower Tote....

Since I just can't send all my days helping the economy ...I have to actually use some of the fabrics I buy.
       .......I figured this was the perfect time to use a couple of the suedes I bought last week
 to make "Brigitte's Flower Tote" ...another lovely design by Delinda Boutique
  First I was going attach a button to the middle of the flower but then I remembered I had these brass Handmade signs...figured it was a perfect time to use one!
What attracted me to this pattern were the cool handles...I found them pretty & different ! But I am sure it wouldn't be hard to adjust the pattern if you wanted "normal" handles !
Another thing that I liked, was how the interior was made up from a few different fabrics... 
Since I find it difficult to photograph the inside of a bag ( without it looking like a "hole" ...I have turned the bag inside out to show you the lining...isn't this cool ?? I really like it !
For the slip pocket I used a scrap from the suede...My hubby though it was wasteful but I figured the inside of my bag should be just as pretty as the outside ( besides that little piece would of just end up in the "scraps basket")...

The pretty flower design on the front is also included in the pattern.
I have been asked a few times how I did it ? In the pattern it tells you to trace the design onto the fabric with chalk...but since I was feeling lazy (couldn't find my chalk)  ...I pinned it to my fabric & free-form stitched around / thorough the pattern ....

 Ripped the pattern off ( gently as not to pull any stitches out )

I have to say I found the pattern surprisingly fast & easy to sew.
The pattern explains every step in detail ( a lot I can skip over, like how to put in a magnet) but Maria of Delinda Boutique wants her patterns to be so detailed written that even a beginner could understand them ...with all those pictures...anyone can ! 

The only negative thing I can say about the pattern is that at this time the pattern does not include the seam allowance.  For a lot of europeans this is not a are use to adding a seam allowance to your patterns but I am lazy & like to have them included. Maria hopes to update this pattern in the future to include the seam allowance so if you buy it now via Craftsy...when there is an update, you will be get it automatically. 

If your like me and can't wait to make the bag...adding a 1/4" seam allowance is really easy...print out the pattern ....tape the joining seams together ...before you cut out around the outer edge....( sorry I had already cut out my pattern when I thought about taking a picture.)
Tape two normal pencils together....the space between the leads will give you a 1/4" space ...with one pencil lead on the actual pattern line...draw along it, this causes the other pencil to add the seam allowance ...easy!! 

If you would like to make your own Brigitte's Flower can find the pattern *here* 
Happy Sewing!,

P.S: I also think this tote would look great in different fabrics...pretty bright cotton by Alison Glass, or a soft silk or all in faux leather ...or with a machine embroider design on the front...or in denim!

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  • I used faux suedes for the exterior top & suede of rate exterior bottom 
  • cotton fabrics for the lining
  • 3mm headliner for the batting

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I did it again...

I really can't leave the house!
Every time I do, I get into trouble!
Yesterday, as I was rearranging my faux leather...I mumbled to myself..
" You really have to stop buying fabrics, there is no more room !! ( stop laughing!! )

So what happened today??? 
On my way to return some car pulled into the local fabric shop....
.....I thought I could have a quick look for some soft cotton or jersey to make my Hubby some boxers shorts ( he thinks I can sew anything...who am I do ruin his illusion??) ( stop laughing again!!) 

I found fabric to make the boxer shorts ( on top of the pile) ...but also found all these faux suedes & a plaid that just had to come home with me !!
Faux Suede only 1,99€ a meter could I resist ! 12 meters later...
I am sooo weak!
I am not allowed to leave the house!! 
Second thought...I'm not much better with internet shopping either!!
What is a girl to do when she has a weakness?? 
Thank goodness I don't collect shoes!! 

Happy Sewing! 
P.S...I also bought this fabric glue...I am curious if it will work ...till now I have not found a fabric glue that sticks..I'll let you know what I think! 

P.S.S...yes, Benta, I was helping the economy again ! :-)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Faux leathers

Don't you just love it when the postman rings!!??
I needed some black faux leather....and these other colors jumped into the shopping cart....they were having a sale could I resist!?
I wish you could feel how soft they are !
Now comes the hard part..what should I make first ???

Happy Sewing!!
- The faux leathers & headliner are from Fortispolster ...I have no affiliation with the shop...I just like ordering from them !
- 5mm headliner *here*
- faux leather *here*
- the pink & spring green faux leathers are not as soft as the one above but they sew really nice & easy ...great for beginners....and are inexpensive!

- the shop will also send you samples of any of their fabrics or faux leather....


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