Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Saxted Green Satchel....

ended up being beige!
I wanted to try something different with this pattern instead of plaids or tweed... I decide to machine quilt the exterior fabric ( which is a thick upholstery fabric)  & use faux leather of the front 
pocket & strap!  

Yes....I am still on this Charlie's Aunt pattern kick
...I have no idea why because I find the pattern is poorly written
...the issue with the magnet prongs showing inside the pocket annoys me
.... the pattern pieces don't always line up
... a beginner would have a problem with the instructions
.... I don't agree with her pattern sales policy ... which are illegal because only her written word is copy-written & once I buy her pattern I can produce as many as I wish ...as long as I don't mass produce it in a factory, "I" am free to sew & sell as many as I like....last time I checked I didn't have 100 elves in my sewing room sewing all night!...so I am safe !
But I am not here to talk politics !

So why do I keep sewing them???
...because I like the style
...they are fast & easy
....I am having fun experimenting with different fabrics
... and I have a bunch of her patterns, so I'll keep making them till I find the one that is perfect for me? I have a feeling it is going to be a combination of a couple together.

Why am I telling you all this...because some people are under the impression that I am promoting her patterns...I am NOT...
I have no affiliation with her,...don't know her,...have never tested any of her patterns ( actually I have the feeling they are NOT tested but I can't say that for sure) 
I just don't wish you to be mislead by my post and think these are wonderful patterns ..
...in "design" yes
.. in "written instructions" ..No!
 ...just be prepared !

That being said & done...on to the next bag....

The Saxted Green Messenger Bag was the first pattern of hers I had bought
...It was love it at first sight
....till I made it ...
...the bag is lovely 
....but it is Big! ( for my liking)
13" H x 16" W x 2.5" D ( which I made deeper to about 4")
(33cmH x 41cmW x 6cm)

Since I am a "Messenger style bag kind of girl" ( say that 3 times fast) and prefer a crossbody bag..I made the strap adjustable so that I could wear it cross body if I wished. Yes, I installed the magnet on the front pocket the proper way ( without prongs showing on the inside)
* Lynne Baldwin on FB made the comment she "I inserted the prongs through the front pocket and through the bag too so the prongs were then hidden under the lining of the bag. I actually liked the way it creates 2 external pockets (each 7 inches wide)....that is also an option!

One again the interior has the same pocket as the exterior (reversed) ....I added a touch of the faux leather to give it a bit more " pfiff" ?? 

When will I learn to actually read the sizes designer post...instead of just looking at the pictures !
This is Charlie's Aunts photo of the bag...
I thought this would be a normal sized messenger bag...
..here you can see it between....the "Breckland Bag" and the "Melford Messenger Bag" ( so far is my favorite and I just realized I haven't post about it yet ) 
Next time I will make it at 80% ... widen the bottom & add a stabilizer to the bottom soit has more support when filled

Here is a picture of all the Charlie's Aunts bags I have made so far... what surprised me the most, was that they are all very similar in size  ( except the Saxted Green Messenger of course )

I only have a couple more of her patterns to try...then I will finally decide which one I make out of my special Harris Tweed ??!! 

Happy Sewing !
P.S: Sorry of the bad pictures but it is cold & gray outside so I took these in my sewing room..

  • thick upholstery fabric for exterior
  • faux leather for pocket
  • super old cotton for interior
  • Machine quilted 5mm headliner to the exterior fabric
  • No interfacings were used since the fabrics were thick

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Appaloosa Bag....

is the newest pattern by Sara of Sew Sweetness.

When Sara sent me the pattern for testing, I knew right away I wanted to make it out of this bronzy-gold faux leather I had......so that it didn't look boring I had to add a bit of machine embroidery to it. 
 This is a medium sized bag ....10.75" W x 7.5" H x 4" D... has a magnet front closure but I used a thumb lock instead since I want more bling. It has an adjustable strap ( perfect for cross body wearing). 
I like the design...simple but still fancy.
The bag has a cool front accordion pocket with a divider in it.
The interior also has a zipper pocket ( optional)  
The sides are a bit triangle...which gives it a nice shape.

I really liked how the according pockets sewed together ...easier then I expected but I would not recommend using faux leather for the whole bag if your a beginner...when the bottom is set...there are a lot of layers coming together...not for the weak of heart! ..I even changed to a larger Schmetz Jeans #110 needle which I rarely do but even I know when not to tempt fate !
Since I like to live dangerously...I tested my limits...8 layers of faux leathers is it!

I wish you could see how pretty the machine embroidered feathers are. I stitched them with gold metallic thread ( use a metallic needle in your embroidery machine and you'll have no problem with the thread breaking) ...the embroidery design is by Urban Threads  
As all of Sara's patterns..it is well written, with lots of pictures and instructions.
I would classify this as an Intermediate pattern ( or a super duper confidant beginner !! ) 
I think this pattern would look great in all kinds of fabrics..if you don't believe me ,...check out the other testers fabulous versions! 

Happy Sewing !!!

P.S: ....I even followed my own tutorial on sewing these handles...

****I'll be linking' up with TT-Taschen & Täschchen & RUMS

  • faux leather for the exterior
  • decorater weight cotton for the lining
  • due to the thickness of the above fabric I didn't use any interfacing 
  • 5mm headliner for batting

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Breckland Bag...

lately I am on a bit of a Charlie's Aunt pattern kick.....they are fast & easy to sew but do have a few ticks that I will mention later...

Charlie's Aunt patterns love to use Harris Tweed...its what gives them that great country look ...but since its not easy to find it here, a girl has to get creative.. ...I found this lovely red upholstery tweed, added black faux leather for the front pocket & viola my Brecklands Bag !
This is what I'd call a good middle sized bag....14" wide at it's widest point x 9.5"H x 1.75"D (36 x 24 x 4.5cm)
It comes with a magnet closure...
.... This is a "tick area" in the pattern for me. She has you attach the female part of the magnet to the exterior pocket at the very end !! ( once you have completely finished making the bag) I find this makes for sloppy workmanship..I don't wish to have prongs on the inside of my pocket...ouch!! Not to mention it would scratch my cell phone....I am surprised none of her testers told her is is not a good idea ! 
Needless to say I couldn't do it that way...so I had to baste the exterior bag together...find the magnet placement...make my mark on the exterior pocket...take the bag apart...add the magnet to the exterior pocket ...then continued sewing as instructed.
It was easier to do then it sounds but a pattern should have these measurements included for you !!?? 
Pet Peeve area for me!
The inside has the same shaped pocket as the exterior ..I added a bit of trim from the plaid to give it some color.
I placed my iPad in lengthwise so you can better visually the size.
 Don't you just love it when the pattern matches up for you !!
I enjoyed sewing this bag...as I said it was fast & easy ...basically there are only 4 pattern pieces...back, front, pocket & flap ( repeat for interior) 
The other change I made was,  I sewed my handles the usual easy way ( like the purple ones in the tutorial ) she has you cut two strips for the handles & then line them up & sew them together...not for me & faux leather ! I also changed the strap to an adjustable one since I wanted this bag for the Christmas markets ...gotta have my hands free for all this goodies!
Here's a comparison shot of the other bag of hers I made ..."The Exchange Bag"
Hope you like it ??
Happy Sewing !

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  • I used Upholstery Tweed of the exterior
  • Faux leather for the pocket
  • cotton for the lining
  • 5mm headliner for the batting

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Smiley.....

I have to try this one on my Hubby!! 
Happy Sewing!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Smiley....

...I can't believe how fast this week flew by...I had so much to share with you but it'll have to wait till next week...today is Sunday Smiley time !

Happy Sewing!


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