Thursday, January 29, 2009

One more WISP done!

I am happy to report I got another WISP done!!
Two Christmas' ago my dear friend Julia gave me this pattern for Nickolaus Day. She said I had time to have it finished for Christmas...I agreed! I just didn't say which Christmas :-)

Well Julia, I did !!
Do you believe it ??
I don't ! LOL

Here is the finished stitched Redwork. I had it done about 2 weeks ago and it kept sitting waiting to be made into a pillow.
From this ..... this.
It is amazing what a bit of fabric can do.
It is a little early for Christmas but I said I was going to start my Christmas projects early! LOL

Why do I always take so long to finish stuff up? It makes me happy to see things done so that isn't the problem. My problem is that I have to many things going at once. I get excited about a new project and jump in with both feet, regardless if other things are put on hold. Sometimes I look for fabric for one project and get sidetracked to another. This makes my DH crazy ! He use to ask me if I ever was going to finish anything. I told him day they will all get done. I explained to him that it is a creative process...I have to be in the mood to work on a project ( it has to talk to me). If I force myself to finish something it is work and my hobby should be pleasure, not work. I like to enjoy the journey...the finished product is a bonus. OK, a big bonus but it is my journey.
The funny thing is that I work much better under pressure. I need deadlines! If I don't have a deadline they never get done. I must be weird since most people hate deadlines. Actually I don't like deadlines either, it is just that if I have a date it MUST be done by then I will get it done. If you say to me ...make me one "whenever" you have time'll never see it.
Boy, I really am strange.
I wonder if there are others like me out there ??
I guess I better sign off before your think I am totally weird.

Happy finished WISP Thursday !


  1. I am so glad to see you finished another project. Good for you.. Your pillow is lovely.
    Great job

  2. oh BTW you are doing a great job on your blog.

  3. Hello Liz, Your redwork Christmas Pillow is very pretty. I am also very much like you, give me a deadline and I will get the project done. But my things have been undone for years. very sad face. I like your new blog. Hugs Judy

  4. I love the pillow so pretty can I be next on the list to recieve one of these its still lots of time to finish before next Christmas LOL!

  5. Congrats!!! It's just beautiful! Isn't it cool to have a Christmas project finished so early in the year? You are doing super with finishing WIPs! Hugs, Julia :-))

  6. Well done Liz, you finished projects are so nice!Hugs Lorenza

  7. Hello Liz, I think your stitching is wonderful. I have tagged you for a 6 picture Meme. Please have a look on my blog. Hugs Judy

  8. Well done! The pillow is beautiful!

  9. Hi Liz! Congratulations on starting your blog.
    I love your finished projects and looking forward to reading your "Momments". Great job!
    Warm hugs,



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