Friday, January 23, 2009


I am always happy when the weekend arrives; it means my DH and I can do something together....except it means I get NO sewing done :-(
Am I the only one ??
What am I doing wrong ??
How do I get my DH to leave me alone?? ..LOL

Our fun filled Saturday consisted of going food shopping.
I hate food shopping! I hate it even more with my DH.
Normally he doesn't come with me but I was sick all week and couldn't go, so that meant today we had the pleasure of going together. I would rather wash the windows then shop with my DH ! He takes sooooooo long ! He has to go down isles I never venture into. I should be patient with him since he rarely comes with me but does he have to look at everything?? Not only does shopping take twice as long, it always end up costing twice as much! He finds the weirdest foods to try. The only good thing is that he then makes dinner. Tonight our house smelled as if a garlic factory exploded here. I love garlic but not when there is enough to keep the vampires away for 6 months ! At least dinner was good. I can't tell you what it was since I no idea what to call it ?? At least it wasn't burnt :-) I won't even tell you how the kitchen looked after he was done cooking. Why do men have to use every pot and pan in the house? Or is mine the only one that does that?? Ahhhhh, at least we have something exciting to do tomorrow...clean the kitchen!

Hope your weekend is filled with more sewing time then mine!

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