Friday, February 6, 2009

I am dieing!

OK, I am being a bit melodramatic!
But that is how I feel right now.

A couple of weeks ago I got the flu that was going around (hated it!)
The last two days I finally started to feel normal coughing, no a real person.
Yesterday I was food shopping and all of a sudden it came over legs got really weak, as if I was going to fall down.
I quickly got in the car and drove home as quickly as I could. Threw all the food in the frig ...took a pain pill and flopped on the couch.
My body felt like a truck ran over it. My knees where screaming in pain. I was afraid it was my Fibro acting up but instead it is a darn flu again !
I slept off and on all day. Somehow I managed to crawl up to bed and slept somemore.
I have been sleeping and sweating all night. I hate that !
I just got up for somemore medicine and a tea and thought I'd whine to you a bit.
I can't believe I am sick again! If this is like the last flu, it means 1 more day of sweating in bed and them comes the lovely sneezing and coughing ...ahhhh, what fun !
There goes my weekend !

Well, back in bed with me.....
Be sure to take your vitamin C......otherwise you can whine with me ;-(


  1. sorry to hear you're feeling poorly again. keep warm and rest up. Thanks for the bom link - i would like to do this. Are you doing it?

  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery....:-)



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