Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tons of Links & Tutorials

Today I decided I would post some links & tutorials to get you (and me) motivated and sewing.
I found tons of stuff that I have added to my "to do list".
I am curious how long that list can get ? When are we allowed to stop counting at 100 or more ??

Since I love bags, totes & baskets....I figured I would post those today.
I know I have tons more but these are the ones I came across this morning.
I should be doing laundry and cleaning the house but surfing was more fun :-)

Tons & Tons of links / tutorials for bags, wallets,sewing stuff and much more.
Grab a coffee and check them out ...I guarantee you will be there for hours.!

Here are some tutorials for nice fabric boxes...time to get a bit organized !

Cute fabric basket...great way to use up scraps

Another fabric basket version

Toy fabric bucket but why couldn't we use it for our sewing stuff ?

Surf around a bit on Sew, Mama, Sew...lots of ideas...you'll need another coffee for this blog.

This should keep you busy for a while !


  1. I just checked out the first link... wow, there are lots... will take a while to go through them but thanks for posting the links.

  2. Thanks for coming by. I do have a question...do you know where I can get directions to make a small DSLR camera bag? Thanks Laurie



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