Friday, March 27, 2009

Easter is coming!

Did you notice I said Easter is coming ...not Spring!
We have been having the craziest weather here ( snow !!!)
We don't get snow in December so I don't know why we have to have it in March ??
Mother Natures playing tricks again !

To get in the "Spring" feeling I dug out my Easter decorations.
Here are a few of my favorites. I love the Tilda Bunnies & Ducks.

This is one of my favorites...she is so cute with her ducky.
Last night I tried working on a WISP but the red checkered border made me crazy.
First I made it to big (1") then I had to remake them 1/2". Have you every tried sewing 1/2" squares together ?? A Nightmare !!

After a lot of cussing, I got it done...only to find the squares were crooked.
I started to take them then my patience was gone. I try never to work on anything when I am never comes out good !

So I decided to finish the felt bunny pincushion that was cut out sitting on my table for weeks now. I will have a hard time sticking pins in it but at least she is done.
Now I am off to try and tackle the checkered border again.
If you hear someone scream...don't mind it's just me !


  1. you Easter Decorations are so cute. Love all the bunnies. I can remember when growing up standing outside in our new Easter Dresses, bonnets and our baskets full of candy in the snow. Snow is April isn't that uncommon.
    Good luck with your border.

  2. Hello Liz. Happy Easter, Happy Spring!! I love your Easter Decorations, they are soo pretty. BUT WOW,how I love your bunnie PC with it pink check ears. Just way tooo cute. I love it. Hugs Judy



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