Friday, March 6, 2009

Go Adam !!!

I need you all to do me a big favor.
My nephew Adam Wagner plays Ice Hockey.
He is 10 yrs old and is already the best Goalie you have ever seen !
(Ok, I'm a bit biased but its true! )

His team ...the "Dundas Blues" have made it into the finals ! Yepeeee !
It has been a hard year but they did it !
Now they have to win the best of 5 to be Champs!.
They already won one game last weekend and this weekend they need to win 2 more.
I know they can do it but it never hurts to get a little extra help.
So, please cross your fingers, press your thumbs, send your angels whatever it is you do .... so they win this weekend !

Go Adam !!!
Go "Dundas Blues" !!!
You can do it !!!Have fun !!!
Big Cheers coming from Germany !!!!
Hugs, Auntie

& Uncle Ingo & Max too !!!
P.S. Adam...Aren't you happy that I didn't say anything embarrassing how cute you are ! :-)


  1. Go Adam !!!
    Go "Dundas Blues" !!!
    You can do it !!!

    All the Best!!!

    Great way to support your family, Liz... you are a great Auntie, :-)

  2. Go ADAM GO TEAM..
    We are all pulling for you and your team.
    Crossing fingers and toes.
    Can'tsee how "cute" you are , pictures are too small but I bet you are a sweetheart.Bet you can't keep the girls from calling you. Your Aunti Liz, ingo and Max are the best.



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