Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good Easter Bunny !

We had a lovely long Easter weekend.
The weather was fabulous, the food was plentiful and the family behaved itself !
To my surprise even the Easter bunny was good to me.

On Saturday I received a package from Tina. She is a sweet lady, that belongs to a group I am in.
We are having a Secret Birthday Buddy game this year and I have been helping her BB tease her.
As a bride... she thought I would tell her who her SBB if she sent me these lovely zick rack trim. The tiny rick rack is adorable! I have never seen any so small ! It is about 1/8" wide. I will have to use these for something special.
Tina, thank you for the great surprise package but I am still not telling you who your SBB is...but you are welcome to keep trying to bribe me...maybe I will crack! ;-)

Then I also received a huge package from Susan.
I had sent her grandsons some Surprise eggs and as a thank you she sent me ALL these rick rack trim ! WOW I didn't know it came in sooooo many colors! The pastel one looks delicious enough to eat ! I already have plans for the yellow & blue trim.
On top of the trim, were stick pins ( which you can't get here) and different filigree beads ( that are so pretty and dainty) but best of all are the charms.
Check out these adorable charms !
A teapot, cup, tomato pincushion and sewing machine. I love them ! Have you seen anything so adorable! The teapot is to die for! What should I attach them to ?? ahhhhh, decisions !

Thank you soooooo much Susan !!!

As if my Easter couldn't get any better...the Easter Bunny surprised me with this adorable mini iron. Isn't it just toooo cute !

A few weeks ago, over breakfast I was telling my Hubby and Dear Father-in-Law about this mini iron I saw at the sewing machine shop and how it would be great to have by my machine so that I didn't have to get up and go to the ironing board every time I sewed. ( yes I am a bit lazy)
To my surprise my Dear Father-in-Law went and got it for me. Isn't he the sweetest !

Some of you will be surprised to discover that I am not a chocolate person. I enjoy a piece every so often but I don't really crave it like most women. I am more a cake person. No cake is safe in our cake is safe in a 5 mile radius!! ...chocolate on the other hand can go bad before I eat it. (as if my hubby would allow that to happen....he is a chocolate person!) Would you believe I just ate my last piece of chocolate from Christmas! I wasn't kidding when I said I'm not a chocolate person!
A few years ago I told my DFIL & Hubby to stop buying me chocolate at Easter. My Hubby just ends up eating all the Lindt Bunnies and he also doesn't need that much chocolate ( if you know what I mean!) So my DFIL starting getting me other things. One year it was a Orchid plant or some threads or feet for my machine and this year it was the mini iron. If I knew he was listening to my wishes I would if wished for a Ferrari ! ...or better still the Husqvarna Diamond sewing machine! Maybe next year ! (laughing my head off !)

Boy I sure am chatty today ! Thats what happens when I can't Blog for a few days.

Just one more picture...our cousin Iris always has little gifts for our dog Max and this year was no exception. Aren't these bunny cookies just to funny!! Needless to say even Max had a Happy Easter!I hope the Easter bunny was good to you ...if not ....go treat yourself to something deserve it ! He was good to me and we know I don't deserve it!

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  1. Hello Liz, I see you received some lovely goodies for Easter!! The Ric Rack colors are yummie and your mini iron is too cute. I love those really skinny ric racks. Hugs Judy



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