Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Can See!!

Today I finally picked up my new glasses.
It is amazing what a new pair will do for your eyes.
I knew I needed a new pair, I just didn't realize how much. OK, I did know but I was putting it off. Finally there was a sale and I couldn't resist or should I say have a reason to not get them.

No one likes to admit they are getting older and I am no different.
I have no problem wearing glasses...actually I think they make me look smart ( which is a good thing) I just hate admitting my eyes are getting worse which means I am getting older ( I don't want to get older ! I am like Peter Pan...I never want to grow up! I also didn't want to grow "out" but that is also happening. Why can't we get the things we wish for...I always wanted to sing like a bird ( I quark like a crow) I wanted long sexy legs ( I have short tree stumps) ...ahhhh, sometimes life isn't fair.

Oops, I got off topic there ...back to my glasses.
I wanted to get an orange pair. I like fun colors for glasses. I don't wear them in public ( thank goodness) I just need them for reading, hand sewing and the computer) I had red ones and blue ones already so I figured orange ones would be fun. When I tried then on they made me look even paler then I am...guess orange isn't my color. I tried silver ones, brown ones, gold ones...they all looked fine then I spotted lilac colored ones ( I know what your saying t0 yourself ..Lilac !! Yes, lilac!) they looked I got them !
Here are my sexy, cool lilac glasses.I just love the cutout and design on the side...makes me look chic ! LOL
Now that I can see again maybe I can get more sewing done ! ( hahaha!)
I wish it was that easy.
I did manage to get all 12 baby blocks stitched.
Now I just have to cut the sashing, borders and sew it together and then quilt it. Quilting is the worst for me! I don't mind doing it ..I just can never decide which design to quilt. This will hold up a project longer then anything else ( I have a pile of tops to prove it!)
Lets see if my new glasses help me with this problem ??


  1. your new glasses are great. love the color too. Lets see them on you.. :)
    The baby quilt will be really cute are you using the pink gingham for the sashing and borders.. Lovely.

  2. Ahh, new glasses... yeah, gotta get me some too... I love the cut out on the side of yours. Your baby quilt is coming along lovely... looking forward to seeing it finished... do you machine quilt it?

  3. Very cute! I've been wearing reading glasses for a few years just because I read for long periods of time and it decreases my eye fatigue but I'm getting to where I HAVE to wear them which is a bummer. Cute glasses help!

  4. The embroiderd blocks for the baby quilt look beautful. And I like your glasses. I have pink/lilac glasses too;-)



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