Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Proud Moment !

It is with great pride that I write todays post.

My nephew Adam received a special award from his hockey league.

He became the "Jeff Aglor" Trophy !
This trophy is not given out every year. Only when there is a special player that has earned it.
The couch has to nominate you and you have to fulfill the following:
  • A positive role model for his/her team both on and off the ice.

  • A mentor/leader for other members of the team and within his/her social environment.

  • A community minded individual who sets goals for achievement both on the ice and in his/her school work.

  • A player who strives for success through hard work, and determination.

  • A player who has played his/her entire career to date in Dundas Minor Hockey as did Jeff Aglor.

This is what his Coach wrote about him:

"Adam exemplifies teamwork, leadership and a positive attitude. He is focused, determined and takes his role on the team seriously yet has fun both on and off the ice"

Here is Adam receiving the Trophy!

Look at the size of that thing!

And of course a picture of him with his proud Dad (proud Ma is taking the picture)....look at the smiles on those faces !

Way to go Adam !!

We are super proud of you !!

Big Hugs, Auntie Liz, Uncle Ingo & Max too!!

P.S. For those that don't know...Adam is only 10 yrs old and already the best Goalie around ! Do you think I am a biased Aunt ? naaaaaa ! :-)


  1. Hi Liz, you really can be pride of your succesful and good looking nephew. Congrats to Adam!!

  2. Liz, you are indeed a proud Auntie.... and rightly justified. Hugs....Heather

  3. Hello Liz, Isn't it great being a proud anutie. vbg It looks like he has a wonderful career infront of him. Hugs Judy



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