Friday, May 22, 2009

Fathers Day cake

Yesterday was "Father's Day" in Germany.
And being the GREAT wife that I am I made my Hubby a Strawberry cake.
Did you notice I wrote "made" not "baked".
There was no baking took 15 kind of baking !
You start with these ingredients ...
I admit it ....I am a cake eater and not a baker.
My FIL is the baker in the family. If I could bake as good as he does we would have to enlarge all our doors. As it is I have to turn sideways to get in and out.
I won't even tell you how much weight I have gained since I have moved to Germany.
Lets just say...I don't have the sexy figure I had when I came here...OK, I didn't have a sexy figure when I came but you didn't know that ! I can pretend, can't I??

I will tell you a secret about me ....I love cake!!!
I could eat it every day if it didn't stick to my hips, but like all good things it does:-(
I just realized that "cake" is also a four letter word !
How about that!!
Now I know why I love it so's bad !!
You know, we all love stuff that is bad for us ...bad is always good!!

Here is my bad cake...actually it is a good cake since it has fruit and fruit is good !
I know the German readers will be laughing their heads off at my fancy cake.
Nothing is easier then this cake but don't tell anyone ...its our secret!
Since I had strawberries left over I also made Jello ( another of my Hubbys favorites...he is easily pleased)

Doesn't this all look yummy and fancy???
It was yummy but far from least I made it and its the thought that counts!

What till you see the cake my FIL bakes tomorrow ...super yummy!

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