Monday, May 18, 2009

Luck strikes again

I am almost embarrassed to tell you that I won again!
I haven't won anything in such a long time that I can't even remember what it was and now twice in 2 weeks.
Maybe lady luck is shining on me ??

To tempt fate I bought a Lottery ticket ( which I do about once a year when the jackpot hits some ridiculous amount) but I guess I am not meant to be rich in money since I only had 1 number right and the Lottery guy tells me you don't get diddly for that.
Thats is more fun winning sewing stuff .
My Hubby would be happier if I won the lottery but a man can't have every thing... he has me...that should be enough!

This time I won a lovely pair of stork scissors with an attached handmade fab.
I love stork scissors! I find they are so dainty and pretty.
I had a pair once but someone (I won't mention HIS name) sat on them and broke them...grrrrr
But now it is OK, since I won a new pair.

Check out the cool nib thingie on the end. What a clever the tips won't put holes in my bag.

To make the prize even more special there was a pattern too :-)
I love craft / purse patterns..
The chalkboard quilt is also a cool idea...a place to write all my UFO's
I might have to make it bigger ;-)
I didn't even know there was a fabric that you could write a chalkboard.
I wonder what other cool things I am missing ??
Time to surf the net and find out.

A big "Thank you" to Anett for the great prizes.
It sure was fun winning ....can we do it again next week ?? :-))

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  1. you are right you are on a lucky run. Buy a lottery ticket. LOL great scissor.



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