Friday, May 22, 2009

Sisters are the Best !

At least my sister is ...especially when she send me goodies :-)))

My Brother-in-law (in Canada) was coming to Germany for a business trip and my sister being the wonderful person she is, filled him up with goodies to give me !

Just for the record...I had asked for was 4 "Eat More" chocolate bars ( LOVE them and can't get them) a few DMC floss colors and any cute trim. I am glad she can't count when it came to the chocolate bars :-) but I didn't know she was going to buy out the store!
This is what I wanted....
and this is what I got !!!
Do you think she flipped out ???
I think so but don't tell her...I don't want her to stop !
My sister is not a "crafter" ( she is a photographer and takes wonderful pictures...I just point and shoot but that is why she has won lots of ribbons & prizes and I haven't ..LOL) so when I ask her to send me something from the "crafty" world she usually doesn't know what I am talking about so she just buys EVERYTHING! Which turns out to be a very good thing for me!

Look at these adorable trims...have you seen anything so wonderful?
These are almost to yummy to use...but I will !
Sis, I definitely will need more of these....LOL
The one thing she sent me that made me laugh was this eraser.
It is HUGE!
I don't know why she sent it ...I DON'T make mistakes !! LOL
Maybe she knows me better then I know myself !
Thanks SIS!! I miss and luv you!!
Wish you were here!

P.S. Today it was suppose to rain and for the first time I was really looking forward to a rainy day so that I could play with my goodies but wouldn't you know it...the sun is shining in full force which means my Hubby will want to got for a walk in the woods ( I'll take a Eat More for the trip) and then he'll want to work in the garden a bit...maybe I'll let him work while I relax on a lounger and ready my magazines.....that sounds better to me! A girl has to have time to play with her new toys !


  1. Sister are the best and you have a good one too. You received a great goodie box which you deserve too. As for the eraser no Liz NEVER not you. LOL
    BTW I thought your strawberry cake looked great and looked yummy

  2. What a super package of goodies! Your sister is such a sweetie! Good thing to have a sister in Canada :-)



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