Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rule #1 to quilting

Never ever ever cut fabric or square up your blocks when you are tired !!

I didn't follow Rule #1 last night and messed up cutting 2 blocks !
Five minutes after cutting them I realized my mistake ...I could of just kicked myself in the butt !!
Actually I had my Hubby do it for me!!

Don't you hate when you make a mistake...especially when you know better !
I measured the blocks not once, not twice but about 6 times before I cut them ( knowing that I was tired and my mind wasn't working at its best)

I wanted to get the border sewed on so that I could quilt it today...instead I can remake 2 of the corner blocks.
It's not super bad since they were machine embroidered but annoys me to heck to make such a stupid mistake ( I wanted to use stronger language but I don't know who could be reading this ;-)

I'm off to make 2 new blocks...I am getting this top done if it kills me ...sure hope I don't discover more rules ?


  1. I'm sorry to hear, that you messed up your blocks! I had learned this rule the hard way, too. Nevertheless, from time to time I seem to forget it and mess something up because I was tired. I'm looking forward to seeing your quilt top! Hugs, Julia :-)

  2. Hi Liz....
    good to know that you are still there.....


  3. Sorry to hear about your "faux pas".... isn't that the way when we are determined to get things done, it ends up being more work. Looking forward to seeing your accomplishments though. Hugs.



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