Thursday, July 9, 2009

Birthday.... continued

Yesterday I promised to show you what my Honey got me for my birthday.

Could it be ......

Diamonds ???


or a little red Sports car???

As wonderful as all those sound (even though the red sports car does sound pretty good .....he got me something even better!
Something I have been wanting & looking for a long time...a cutting table !!!
(OK, it's not as good as the red sports car but my Honey isn't Bill Gates..LOL)

Da it is !!
Here is the other side...also filled!

This is my old cutting was to short and it killed my back every time I had to cut something. Not to mention junk gathered under it.
Now I have extra storage space ( which every quilter knows is a must) and my old cutting board fits on top. Would you believe that both table tops are the same measurements!

Just in case you are wondering where I got such a wonderful cutting table...I will tell you the secret ...IKEA ! LOL
It is two cupboards (Expedit series) put back to back to make one big one. Instead of standing them vertical I laid them horizontal. Am I clever or what???
I love Ikea!!
I love my Honey for letting my stuff my sewing room full of furniture! LOL

On Saturday I had the family over for cake & coffee to celebrate my birthday.
This year I wished a "Pear Poppy seed cake" from my DFIL ( he is the baker in the family..I am his tester :-)
Look at the super yummy me was super yummy!
I am not even going to count the calories in this one!!!
My FIL can't just bake one cake (says it isn't worth turning the oven on for just one cake...that explains why I don't bake ! LL ....he also baked a cheese cake.
Since I don't like raisins in my cheesecake...half of it is with raisins and half is good to be spoiled ! LOL
My nephew Jannis agrees that the cakes were yummy!
Thats it for this years birthday.
I think I didn't do to bad, considering I didn't celebrate ..LOL


  1. Dear Liz,
    belated Birthday wishes from me! Your table is fantastic! Your sewing room looks so professional and well organized. Jannis is cute.

  2. How lucky are you!! I love your cutting table your hubby got you for your birthday :) Very yummy cakes too...MMMM YUmmm!!!

  3. Lucky you!! Happy birthday. Love the table.

  4. Hello Liz, I am sooooooo very sorry I missed your birthday celebration but it sounds like you had a wonderful day with your great family. YUP, your hubby does spoil you. Love the new cutting board, you are soooo creative. And all the sweet goodies look very yummie. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. HUGS JUDY



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