Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Journey of a quilter

I thought I would share a picture of a project (WISP) that I have been working on for a long time .
Actually it has been hanging on my design wall for a long time...I have just been looking at it.

Last year I started to make "The Journey of a Quilter" quilt (by Leanne Beasley) but since it is square and I have no more walls to hang it on I figured I would try to "stretch" it out into a lap/cuddle quilt.
I also have her "Leanne's House" quilt pattern (another square quilt) that I wanted to make one day but ..then I got this great idea. ...why not incorporate the 2 quilts to make one!
So I picked out my favorite parts and will add them to my Journey.

This is the quilt as it has been hanging on my wall for ...??? ....a long time but don't tell the quilting police!
This is it still hanging on the design wall but with the extended pattern parts added in.
I think I like it better this way but I can tell you it was not easy deciding which designs to put where.
Designers have gotten a new respect from me...it is not easy coming up with designs or moving them around.
If any quilt/pattern designer happens to read my Blog ( ya right!!) I wish you all would make more lap size quilts..square ones are not practical! That or we have to buy a bigger house! My Hubby will say to make smaller quilts!

Back to my quilt...I get side tracked easy.....

Now comes the hard part for me ...picking the fabrics.
The sewing is the easy part...the picking can take even longer.
This is what my selection process looks like...fabric everywhere!
Since some of you think my sewing room is always neat I figured I would take this opportunity to show you otherwise ...this is how my room looks now.

It will look even worse when I start pulling more fabrics out of the cupboards ..I need some beige & browns.

Before I go play with my fabrics some more...I want to thank a few friends for birthday gifts they sent me:-)

Thank you Ruthie for the sweet PC's ! You know I love the pink one but the tiny mushroom is adorable. The little praline one is exactly how I like my chocolate ...none fatting!
Best of....thank you for the thimble ! I didn't have one from Israel! Now I do!!
Thank you to sweet Liz B. in England who always sends me gifts. She is like my special gift fairy!
I always love getting gifts from her, not only are they great but I love that the envelope is stamped "Royal Mail"...it makes me feel like a queen!
I got this lovely angel pattern for my birthday and these great ribbons & buttons as a prize.
Thank you Liz !!!

Now I am off to grab a coffee and start picking more fabrics...maybe I should take an aspirin too...I feel a headache coming on.

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  1. Ok I have a question. How many people (Knowing LIZ Arranged this mess just for the picture. I know she probably had the fabric out but to snap the pic she arranged the fabric in a more suitabel way. LOL Come on Liz, confess!! Even her mess looks good. HAHAHA



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