Monday, August 10, 2009

Colors of Summer

Over the weekend my Hubby and I worked in the garden to get things ready for the Landscapers to come and finally put in the walkway, steps and grass!!!

A few years ago, we built a house and we still haven't gotten the garden totally finished :-(
When you live with a 4 legged "terror"....called Max..... really look forward to can imagine the dirt he brings in!

I will be soooooooooooooo happy when we have grass!!!
Cleaning is not my thing !

Of course the landscapers were suppose to start today but now they are not coming till Wednesday! Grrrrrrrr!!!

While we worked in the garden I took some pictures.
Here is my new birdbath...the birdies like it too!

Here are some colors of summer!

Can you see the bees? They like my flowers too!

And the butterflies!

Last year my sister bought me a butterfly bush for my has more then doubled in size and I have never had so many butterflies in my life...everyone should have one in their garden. Thanks Sis!



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  2. Ohhh! I love Max... he looks adorable! The "terror" is always part of the charm and love they bring to our lives. You have lovely flowers in your garden.... hmmmm, maybe next year my garden will be more "picture worthy". Hugs.



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