Monday, August 24, 2009

The Saga continues

I am sure you probably are getting sick of hearing about the progress of our garden....well, to bad!!
Nothing else exciting is happing in my life so I have to write about the garden.
I promise it will be over least I hope so ?

The last couple of days, not much exciting happened.
The guys had to do all kinds of Pre-work which comes down to...alot of work for them but nothing exciting to look at for me.

Here they are setting the cement ring for the pipes.

I tried to tell them that I like rings in Gold or Silver...not cement!!
Guess this makes me German now...I have a cement ring!

They also cemented the foundation pads for the future carport ( Germans really like their cement !)I really don't know how the guys worked that was 37°C !!
I don't know what the humidity was but it was HOT!!!
I felt really sorry for them.
There is no way I could of worked outside..I would of whined all day!

Look I even managed to see a smile !
I am so glad the guys are nicer in hot weather then I am !

I promise to have prettier things to show you tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. Never tired of hearing about garden work. It all leads to special things!



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