Monday, September 7, 2009

Colours other then green

It is time to show other colours then "Green"!

Look what the postman delivered !!!
Now this is what I call a rainbow of colours!!!
I had asked my sister to send me some trims.
Do you think she flipped out a bit ???

I couldn't place all these lovely trims in the cupboard, so I placed them in this large vase so that I could see them all the time .
Now, that is Eye Candy!
My sister and I are very alike when it comes to shopping ( OK, she has more shoes but I have more fabric!)
We can never decide on which colour to get so ...we get them ALL!
She really out did herself this time.....thanks SIS !! Great job!

I had also asked for some wide rick rack. It seems the really wide stuff is harder to find then gold?
Look at the WIDE rick rack she sent!
I didn't even know it came that wide (1 1/4" ) and the cool thing is ... it is fusible !
How cool is that !!
I can't wait to try it out...what should I make first??

But best of all, I love the wooden saying "Create".
I have looked high and low for one....and now I have one...I can't wait to hang it...gotta go find some nails & hammer.

I don't know who to kiss more...the mailman for delivering it or my sister for sending it....actually the decision is easy...the mailman!!!
Just kidding SIS!!!

An extra big hug for my Sister!!!

P.S. Sis...if I ask for a BMW, will you send me them in all colours too ?? LOL


  1. Wow! That is eye candy... I know how it is, colour just gets the mouth watering, then you can't decide which one to choose, so you may as well choose them all. Hugs.

  2. Would send way more but the postage is killing me - wonder what the postage would be on a BMW / what colour did you want again? love you :-) eva

  3. Hello Liz, Yup, I agree what wonderful glorious colors of rick Rack and trims. Lovely. And the "Create" sign is super great too. Hugs Judy



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