Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Where does time go ???
Is there a special place in space that it disappears too ??
Or is someone hoarding it for themselves??
It seems to me that time is just zipping along...how do I slow it down ???

I have the same 24 hours in the day as everyone else...then why do mine seem to disappear so fast??
Why do some of my friends manage to sew a whole quilt in a day and I can't even get the the dishes done?
What am I doing wrong ???

Maybe I need to sleep less (7 hours isn't to much?) or spend less time on the computer ( 1 hour a day is not a lot?) or clean less ( if you saw our house right now you would know that isn't the problem...the dust bunnies dancing around my feet are proof)
It can't be that I am spending to much time at my sewing machine...that is the reason I am complaining. I am not getting any sewing done!
Maybe I need a new clock...one like this ??

I can't figure out where my time goes ??? Do you know ??
I must move slower then others or someone is stealing my hours!
Whoever you are...can you please give them back...Christmas is coming and I have a million things to do!
Off to look for some time!


  1. LOL! I hear you Liz... at least you've found time to make some posts - I don't even have anything to post about! Here's hoping I find some lost time to get both something creative done and back to blogging posts! Hugs.

  2. Have you got the answer to this yet cause I need to know when you find out....I need so much more time and life is so short I wont ever get the things done that I want to...hugs Khris



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