Sunday, October 25, 2009

Omas 100th Birthday!

Sorry I haven't written all week but life got busy here.
Usually I live a quiet, boring life but once in a while the Gods decide to shake it up a bit.

My Hubbys Grandma ( we call her Oma) celebrated her 100th Birthday on Tuesday!!
Yes, you read right....100!!!!
The woman is amazing!!
We had a party for her ( about 50 guests) and she talked to everyone of them...for hours!!
I was exhausted from the whole day advents and the next day she went to a 70th birthday party. She amazed me! I hope I am as fit as she is when I am 80! Oh heck, at 50!!

Here in Germany, it is normal for guests to show up at your home and congratulate you on your birthday(and bring gifts of course!)
Since Oma lives in a retirement home we had the "congratulations" part at the home and I can't believe how many people showed up! I think the whole town was there at one point or another (she knows the whole town)
Even the Mayor came and a photographer from the paper.
It is not every day that someone turns 100.
The morning was busy serving the guests Champagne and sandwiches and then off to the restaurant for the party.
By the end of the day I was exhausted but Oma was happy....I think she became 10 years younger!

Here is our 100 year young Oma!!

then ....... now.......
Here is the Mayor congratulating her......

I had put together a large poster of Omas Life.....I was really surprised to find old pictures of her and her family.
Guess they did have cameras 100 years ago ;-)

The following pictures are for my party would be complete without cake!
This is what you missed Sis..... 14 different temptations!!!
(click on the pictures to get a bigger taste)

Now I am off to try and get a bit of sewing done...gotta take advantage of the extra hour we got today ( hope you all remembered to set your clocks back?)


  1. Oma looks amazing for 100. What a privilege to be able to celebrate (and organise) such a celebration.Sounds like she really enjoyed enjoyed herself.

  2. Wow, what an accomplishment for her. I bet she did have a great time. You better go put your feet up for a while...and when you have your next party, don't be shocked to find a free loader eating cake and pies who MIGHT have a funny accent! Lol, well, it sounded good. And the food Liz, omg, makes me real hungry! I hope you enjoyed sewing after the party. Have a good week, Elaine

  3. Wow! 100 - we can only hope! You did a great job in your organizing for her to make this day doubly special. Hope your sewing is going well.... I'm working on Christmas stuff, after all, it is that time of year again! Hugs.

  4. oh Liz I had a client I use to do she was 103 then I took her out every week she cooked her own food was a real sweetheart she moved away closer to her kids she died not long ago she was 108 and both her kids were still around they must have been close to 90

  5. Oma is really amazing! How wonderful that she could enjoy her 100th birthday like that! Hugs, Julia :-)

  6. Wow - 100 years / what she must have seen over those years. but more importantly, what did you do with all the leftover cake / are you shipping it to me. e

  7. Happy belated birthday Oma!!! my own grandmom just turned 94 yesterday!!! Grandmoms are the BEST!!!

    Debbie Ward



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