Friday, October 16, 2009


Dam, it is cold out there!!!
What happened to our lovely Indian summer we were having ??
It sure disappeared quickly.
Instead Mr. Winter is showing his ugly head and I am not ready for him...I don't want him!
I still have work to do in the garden and I don't wish to do it wearing long johns and a winter coat but it looks that is what I am going have to do if I wish to get these darn bulbs I bought planted...why did I buy bulbs?? What was I thinking ??

I went out to walk the dog this morning......threw on my fall/spring jacket ( as I have been doing)....opened the door....walked about 10 meters and turned around as fast as I could!
Dam it was cold !
There was no way I was taking Max out for his morning ritual in a thin coat...he has a fur coat on so the cold doesn't bother him ( lucky dog!!!)
I dug out my red winter coat, red hat, red scarf and black gloves (sis, I can finally use my Isotoner gloves, they kept my hands nice and warm)
I bundled myself up like a true Canadian and headed out.

I didn't look like this.....I looked more like this...without the beard of course!I looked ridiculous but I didn't care...I am past that age where I dress to look I dress for comfort or warmth.
I figured the other doggies didn't care as long as I had cookies in my pocket.

I am off to take a shower and get ready for my fun filled day of running errands ...yeppeee
I will dress a bit better then morning but I can tell you that this afternoon I am putting on long johns for Maxs walk.....burrrrrrrr!!!

Time to dig out your winter clothes...unless you live in Australian...they are getting spring...ahhhhh, what a nice idea.
I wonder if I can move quickly ??
By the time I packed up this house they would be getting winter too ...darn!
Time to dig out those long johns!!!


  1. quit your complaining - it snowed here yesterday. we get 8 weeks of summer and 10 months of winter - i know you miss it - but not everyone can be canadian, please !

  2. Hey Liz, I'm with you, I want to move to tropical Australia. And why bother moving everything...just have doubles in each place, lol. I am not complaining, we just had 4 1/2" of rain last week and it's up near 80 every day and now is going to get down into the 40's at night. Brrrr. (I know, you want to throw a snowball at me). As for your a few flower pots and plant the bulbs in them for winter gifts? Pop over to my blog for a giveaway. Just answer my question: what the heck do I do with all my quilt magazines? Take care Liz, warm hugs, Elaine

  3. LOL! Welcome to my world! Hugs.

  4. hey chick where have you been. we miss you. please write something / have nothing to read with my morning tea lately. Eva :-)



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