Thursday, November 5, 2009

In Celebration of my 100th Post....a Giveaway!

Holy Cow!!....this is my 100th Post!
WOW, the time just flew by!

As promised...I am having a little giveaway
This is the prize.....a pretty book on making pincushions and a needle case I made just for this giveaway.
A close up of the needle case .....outside & inside....

I hope you like the prizes since I am going to make you work a bit to get them...don't get nervous, you don't have to wash my windows or anything ( but that isn't a bad idea ;-)

In your comment, you have to tell me what your favourite crafting /sewing/quilting item is ??
Or any neat new product/ item you have discovered.
I am looking for ideas for Santa.
I figure if I give him a detailed list he should manage to get me one item from it. (Or does your Santa manage to bring you great gifts? Mine needs help...I have been married to him to long which means his "gift giving" brain cells have died! )

Help my Santa....enter my giveaway!

Here are the rules:
- you get 1 entry by leaving a comment about your favourite item in this post.
- you get a 2nd entry by posting about this giveaway on your blog with a link and picture.
I will NOT be giving a 3rd entry for becoming a follower. I feel you become a follower because you like my babbling and not to get a prize. ( I am honored if you do become a follower but it is not necessary, you can pop in whenever you like :-)
So the most entries you can get is 2!
After all, you only need 1 to win!

This giveaway is open to everyone!
If you don't have a blog please send me your email addy, so that if you win I can get in touch with you, otherwise I will have to pull a second name.

The winner will be chosen on November 15th, 2009

Thats it...lets hear your ideas!!!


  1. yipppeee i'm first - okay my favourite crafting item is ............ double sided tape. it is the most amazing stuff / even used it the other day to attach spiders to the house for halloween ! Eva (don't forget i'm number one!)

  2. Hello Liz, Happy Autumn, Happy Anniversary. How quickly time passes, hey??? I love your needle case it is very pretty and your stitching is great and of course it is in my favorite colors. VBG My suggestion for your hubby is to buy you a book called, "50 Heirloom Buttons to Make". It is out of print but you are able to get it at Amazone. They have the most fantastic button to create to use for embellishments on everything. I especially love the "Dorset Buttons" patterns which I am creating some for gifts for Christmas. VBG Take care Hugs Judy

  3. Happy blogaversery (omg, I hope she doesn't look up spell checker for that word!) thanks for entertaining us!
    My favorite sewing/quilting item is the Sidewinder..., truly a life changing item! I HATE stopping in the middle, or the last inch, of a project to wind a bobbin. I bought a few dozen bobbins for my Featherweight (note to self, buy the same amount for my new Janome) and pre-wind all of them at once.
    My other favorite items are the carts and baskets from Ikea, but don't get me started again.
    Good luck on your giveaway, please count me in to win!

  4. Hi Liz... congratulations on your 100th post! I love your little needlecase... and I love pincushions, they are so cute, but I always find myself using my magnetic pin holder - when I'm sewing I pull my pins out and just put them on the sewing machine or the side of the machine, then I pick them up later with the magnetic pin holder - it has some pretty good weight to it. Anyway, that's it! Now, I gotta go check out Judy's book. Hugs.

  5. Hi Liz gee what is my favorite item oh my sewing machine I have an embroidery machine and I just love it. There is so much you can do with it.

  6. Hallo Liz,
    das kleine Nadelmäppchen gefällt mir sehr, ich lese gerne in Deinem Blog(auch wenn ich nicht alles verstehe!)

  7. Needlecase is so cute! I "un-sew" quite often so one of my favorites is a sharp little bladed thing. Not the usual seam ripper. Jeesh! I can't think of what to call it. I got my first one at a doctor's office LOL They used it for surgery.

  8. Hello Liz
    Rushes over from CAPC to read you blog which is now on my favourites. My best quilty tool at the moment is the gripper on top of my ruler to stop it slipping. No more wavy cuts!

  9. Hi Liz, this is my first visit to your blog. I came by way of the yahoo pin cushion group...which I joined yesterday.

    It's hard to pick a favorite, but one of the tools I use the most with sewing projects is "That Purple Thing". It is perfect for pushing corners, pulling narrow elastic or ribbon through casing, and handy for other things I'm not awake enough to think of at the moment.

    I love the prizes you are giving away. Congratulations on 100 posts!

    oxo Judy

  10. I blogged about your giveaway.

    I hope you get lots of bloggy love in celebration of your 100th post.

    oxo Judy

  11. Hi Liz,
    Congrats on your 100th blog post!!
    I love the needle case you made very cute.
    My favorite tool for sewing I would have to say is the computer.........I know I know probably not what you were looking for, but all of the great ideas and inspiration you can find on the net. Other than that I would have to say the boss bead bags from firemountain because you get so many great doodads that you can use to embellish PC's and other items they are full of great little suprises.
    Happy Blogging,

  12. Huhu,

    my favourite tool is a toothpick for needleturn appliqué - just moisten it between your lips and tuck those stubborn threads under- Always works!!!!
    Hugs, Sabine

  13. Hi Liz,
    congratulation on your 100th post. I read them all;-)
    One of my favourite item is the "Heftpistole" (I don't know the english word), which helps by making the quilt sandwich. I think this item could be a gift for Christmas from your Santa;-)

    I do like your needlecase and of course the book for ideas. Please count me in for the win.

    I have mentioned your giveaway in my blog. That was easy and better than washing your windows;-)))


  14. I have posted on my blog about the giveaway

  15. The best item I use for quilting is zipplockbags I have everyting at had without loosing pieces. I have 4 scissors so I can put one in every project I am working on.
    I love needle cases (have 1 not 4)

    And I cant work without my logbook, I write donw everything in that book so if I do not work on a project for a long time, I still know where to start.

  16. Hi Liz, congratulations to your 100 blog post! My favorites in my sewing room are the fabrics!
    What would I do without them! I want to have that needle case!!!

  17. I found this great give away by trespassing another blog ;).

    The needlecase you've made is lovely.

    So I just have to enter a message.

    Congratulations on your 100th post. Enjoy writing the coming 100.

    Hugs, Willeke

  18. Ohh, forgot to tell you about a great stitching project. It's the Beatrix Potter Sampler. She is on my to do list. Hopefully next year I will be able to start with her. So lovely.

    Another great project (a bonus for you ;)) is the Mary Wigham sampler. On my blog there is a link to the site she can be downloaded from. Look on the right site. You may have to scrol down. Hope she is still available for downloading.

    Hugs, Willeke

  19. Joining in your 100th blog celebration by way of my dear friend at ArtfullyOoglebloops. A big congratulation on your success and here's hoping you have many more fun blogtimes. Love the little needlecase. Lennie

  20. Congrats. on your 100th post.
    I don't actually own this but have had my eye on the Marti Michell Dresden Plate template set.
    Other than that I am fond of my narrow bias binding maker.
    Happy sewing!


  21. Congrats Liz on your 100th post. I just joined your blog today. I am rather new to the crazy about pin cushions group and to blogs. I am retired and attempting to become creative in my old age!! I adore your cute little felt bunny pincushion!! I mostly attempt to sew, do a little cross stitch and am taking crochet and knitting classes at our local community college. No grandkids yet, but want to be able to create things for future ones and for my kids...great things to hand down.. just like my gma did for me and my kids. I want to learn how to make cute little pincushions and do embroidery. To pick 1 craft hard..if it's not ladybugs (lol)... as my kids tell me I am addicted to fabric..I have a house full of it and now it's time to start using it. I don't have a blog so my email addy for personal emails is

  22. Hi, Liz, You are are having a lovely giveaway that we pincushion lovers would be interested in!! Congratulations on your 100th post!! Now, to my favorite quilty/sewing item...I have lots of tools I use and love my fabric but my favorite item and inspiration has to be my mom. We "talk" quilting and sewing all the time. :-) My daughter would be a co-favorite. I guess you can't ask for them for Christmas so if I have to name an item it would be my rulers/plastic templates. I have a wooden basket that I keep them in and I always have just the right one for my projects. Took me a while to purchase them, one at a time but it was worth it. Your needlecase is lovely and I don't have that book. Hope I can be lucky!

  23. WOW Liz, 100 posts, and so interesting, I love your blog. My favorite tool is a add a 1/4 inch and add an 1/8 inch rulers for paper piecing. They really make paper piecing a breeze.
    If you don't have them I hope DH will get them for you.
    Hugs, Lola

  24. Hello Liz me gusta mucho tu blog hoy lo descubri , tambien participar del giveaway. Felicidades por tus 100 post, vivo en Uruguay south america. Thanks you

  25. hey Liz happy blogversary......I have to tell you my favorite tool would be a cutcile stick...I like to use the pointy end for getting my points out on my appligue and my piecing and use the flat side for a third hand..always. Unless you get glue on them they last a long time....Thanks for the giveaway....

  26. Way to go on the blog anniversary. My favorite is Roxannes's glue baste.

  27. Hello Liz
    Congratulations on your 100th blog; I'm often reading in your blog and enjoy it.
    Happy stitchings from Switzerland

  28. what lovely blog candy!! thanks for putting my name in the hat! my favorite tool.....hmmmm, I have several but right now is the sewline ceramic mechanical pencil! LOVE IT!!!! it's a ceramic lead and I use it all the time with my quilting and embroidery. it washes out even if you press it with a hot iron and wash and dry it!!! LOVE IT!


  29. Congratulations on 100 posts! Thank you for your kind giveaway your prizes are lovely.
    My very favourite thingy is the Clover Hera marker for marking your quilt tops. You run it along your ruler and it creates a sharp line in the fabric by pressing - no pen or pencil marks. It's fast and works great.

  30. Hi Liz--What a great idea for a contest! I love reading other stitchers comments--great ideas from all. My favorite "item" are the wonderful books that I've found at my library--boatloads of information and ideas in them!

    Congratulations on 100 posts--I'm about half-way there! Thanks for the chance :)

  31. I have many scissors and shears, but the one that I reach for most was a gift from a surgical nurse in my quilt guild--circumcision scissors. These small scissors are exactly the right size for thread snipping, clipping and grading seams, and all manner of other tasks. They seem to stay sharp forever, too.

  32. Hi Liz and congrats on your 100th post! I'm not even nearly there but I'm having fun with my blog at and I'll be posting about your give-a-way and blog!
    I've recently purchased the HQ Fusion and my favorite tool right now is the magnetic bowl that holds the pins for attaching the fabric to the leaders. I went out and bought 2 more as they are great to have.
    I also think I'm becoming a collector of pincushions by accident so this give-a-way is right up my alley and would love to win the book and needle carrier. Your embroidery work is beautiful.
    Laura T

  33. Hello LiZ,
    Congratulations on your 100th post!
    I think it's hard to mention one favourite quilting item - there's so many - but I really need the rulers.
    Your give-away are great, so I would be happy to be the winner :-)

  34. Hi, Liz..Interesthing book on pin cushions and the needle case is lovely.I got your site from Heather.I really can't give any suggestions as I do different things like needlepoint,crossstitch,painting etc. I did enjoyed looking at your blog.

  35. Hi Liz! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 100TH POST! I LOVE your pretty website and your book on pin cushions and the needle case is my favorite color PINK! I just starting sewing again and I'm really excited about it! I'm took a class and learned how to make a pillowcase with a secret! It was awesome! I also have been researching making dog bone neck pillows as you can use them a ultimate of ways! For your neck, laying your arm on it, using it to prop up your reading book so you don't have to hold it, and supporting your back. This will be my next project! You can contact me at Kathy Kumler

  36. Congratulation!
    I've found you, thanks for Fortuna! I love your blog.I like your hand-stitches. All.

  37. Congratulations... I am a quilter.... so my favorite item is my rotary cutter.....

  38. Congrats on the blogging... it is fun to do, isn't it.

    Since you are making a list for Santa - my most used tool is a pin picker-upper. It has a magnet inside so it is easy to run it across the floor to pick up those pins and needles that always seem to get dropped.


  39. Hi, I love stitching and quilting.
    But I have no idea, what to do for Santa this year. I*m sorry!

  40. Dear Liz, Of course I don't want to miss congratulating you on your 100th post! Way to go, girl! The reason that I'm doing this last-minute is, that I wracked my brain for days to come up with something awesome or at least useful. Unfortunately I can't think of any tool or gadget that you wouldn't have already. The only idea I came up with is a gift certificate for the long arm machine quilting of one of your gorgeous quilt tops. I know that this is not inexpensive but I also know that you have such a sweet and generous hubby. Besides your stunning work would deserve it!

    Hugs, Julia



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