Friday, October 30, 2009

Sore feet

Have your feet ever hurt so much that you thought they would explode ??
Well, my feet are at that stage!
Actually, I wish they would explode so the throbbing would stop.
I shouldn't is my own fault!
If I would just admit I am not as young as I think I am or should I say, my body isn't as young as I think I am !

Yesterday was the first day of our big "Kreativ Welt" (a creative fair) and I walked my feet off till they could not walk anymore! (Yes, I wore comfy shoes...I am over 40, all I own is comfy shoes!)
I am getting to old for big events like this.
Years ago I could go through the whole fair in about 6 I need 6 days!
Maybe not 6 days ( it only runs for 4) but 2 days would be good!
My feet would thank me for it but I am sure my wallet couldn't handle it.

There were over 400 booths, and I had to check them all out! ( almost all)
There where beads, papers, fabric, ribbon, threads, stamps and more stuff I am forgetting. (the pain from my feet is blinding my brain)
It seems that scrap booking has finally hit Germany big time. There were so many stands of scrap booking supplies that a collector could go crazy!
I had wanted to get a stamp of a sewing machine....5 million different kinds of stamps but do you think I could find a sewing machine...NO!
This is a plea to the stamp makers...we sewers would like some stamps of sewing machines, spools of thread, thimbles & needles! Maybe next year someone will have heard my plea??...maybe by then my feet will be ready for it?

I did manage to find one stamp ( that I wasn't looking for) ...isn't this cool??
What are the chances I would find this but no sewing machine???
I didn't find the fabric that I was looking for but I did find these ( they just jumped into my basket).
Either the price of fabrics have gotten ridiculous here or I have become cheap. ( the sale fabrics were 10€ meter = $14...most fabrics were about 16€ meter = $23 US)
I am use to ordering my fabrics online from USA shops so I wasn't prepared for some of the prices.
Is that high or am I a cheapo ?? ( I know I am a cheapo!!)
What is the most you have ever paid for quilting fabric ???
My personal top was 19€ ($28US) needless to say I only got a FQ! ( no, it wasn't laced with gold...I still haven't used it...I am hoarding it for something special!)

Even thought some of the fabric prices were high, every once in a while a girl just has to buy some locally. I can't order everything online. I need to touch it, stroke it, ohhhhh & ahhhh over it. I need that instant gratification of "shopping" not waiting 2 weeks for it to arrive by mail. Even though I do enjoy when a package arrives...I ohhh & ahhhh over it too! But there is something wonderful about instant shopping ( even if your feet hurt, a nice piece of fabric makes it all better)

I was telling my Hubby all about the fair last night. He even pretended to listen and be interested (probably he was afraid if he ignored me I would go back a second day and break the account!)
I said...If my feet are so tired from our little fair, how would I ever survive the Houston Quilt Show ??? It is every quilters dream to attend it but I think I would need at least 3 days to walk through it...that or rollerskates!
Needless to say, I am not dreaming of the Houston Quilt show today ( even if I am envious of everyone that can go)

In the meantime I will have to be happy with our fair.
If you want to get a impression of our Creative fair, click on the videos here and here

Now I am off to pamper my sore feet.


  1. if you do go to the houston show / let us know - we'll met you there. Hugs e.

  2. LOL! Been there done that, the only thing I think could be worse is when you whack your thumb with a hammer ;)... Love your goodies - is the stamp like a rubber stamp, or is it a postage stamp - how cool you found that one! Soak your feet and then get your hubby to massage them - you're worth it! Hugs.

  3. I can imagine how your feet are aching and hope they will get better soon! At least you had some fun and found some lovely fabrics! The stamp is really cool! Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie! Hugs, Julia

  4. I can totally relate to this post.
    I have paid the exorbitant price of €19 per metre for fabric here in Spain and yes, I only bought one FQ too :)
    Everything to do with sewing is so expensive here. DMC thread is almost the eqivalent of $2 when in the USA they can be bought on sale five for a dollar.
    As for shows.......nothing within reasonable travelling distance so all of my fabrics are bought online from the USA.
    I really miss the shows I used to attend in UK but, like you, wonder if I would have the stamina :)



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