Sunday, November 29, 2009

1st Advent

Today is the 1st Advent which means the Christmas season is officially open!
In other words ...only 4 weeks till the BIG day!

Time to start making your lists, baking your cookies, decorating your homes (fighting with the lights) and just plain panicking on how you are going to get everything done that you what to.
Don't worry...I am here to remind you of all the things you still need to do...don't you just love me !!

This morning when my Hubby and I were having breakfast I lit the first Advents candle and ...your going to roll your eyes when you read this....but I put on Christmas music!
Yes, we had breakfast to Bing Crosby singing all my favourite songs!

What is your favorite Christmas Carol ??

How about ...."Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"........

or......."Frosty the Snowman".......

or maybe "Deck the Halls" .......
.....I love this one since I can sing "Fa la la la la la, la la la la" at the top of my lungs and it almost sounds good !

Light your Advents wreath and put on a Christmas CD.....time to get into the Christmas spirit...only 25 days days till Santa comes!!! Ho Ho Ho!!!



  1. My favorite Christmas carol is probably Silent Night. I love the cheesy songs by the original singers...not a lot of the newer versions. Some things just need to be left alone! What do you know about the Belsnickles Liz? Isn't that German? I think they're the bad ones, aren't they? Mugs of cocoa to you, Elaine

  2. Hi Liz: I am happy to see you are in the Christmas spirit!!! I am too and my favorite carol is Silent Night too. Although I love the carols I also love some of the Charlie Brown songs for christmas too. Have fun getting ready and lighting those candles.
    Hugs, Lola

  3. Hi!

    Unfortunately, my guitar bag has no pattern. What I did was just print a photo on an A4 size paper.

    And yes, any song that gives you a chance to sing FA-LA-LA-LA-LA is the best. :D



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