Friday, November 20, 2009

Santa Claus is coming to Town!!!

Yup...I have lost my mind and have started with decorating for Christmas !

My Hubby brought down some of the boxes from the attic.....

Do you think I will be unpacking for a few days ???LOL

It feels like I start earlier and earlier every year!
The leaves are still falling from the trees and I am playing with santas, garland and ornaments.....what is happening to the world when you start to decorate for Christmas in the middle of November!!
Have I totally lost my mind...probably!!!! But next week is the 1st Advent and I like to have most of the decorating done by them ( other then the can wait a week)

I like to have all the decorating done so that I can enjoy the holiday without getting totally stressed out ...which I will anyways. LOL
Then I can start baking some cookies, looking for last minute gifts but most important attend some Christmas markets with my Hubby.
I love the Christmas Markets here....ahhh the foods, the hot Gluewein, the lights and the feeling of Christmas!
I just love this time of year ...if it wasn't so stressful!! LOL

I guess I should start unpacking....Santa is coming in 35 days!!!
He'll be making his list and checking it twice, to see who has been naughty or nice....since I wrote him a huge list I want to be on his "Nice" list !!


P.S. Has anyone else started to decorate for Christmas or am I the only crazy one ?? LOL


  1. Wow, Liz Du bist echt früh!
    Aber ich war gestern in der Stadt in meiner lieblings Chocolaterie, bei "Bitter & Zart"
    Es roch so köstlich nach Schokolade und Weihnachten, es war so schön dekoriert, das ich auch Lust bekommen habe damit anzufangen.

  2. I thought I'm late since I had seen quite some blogs showing Christmas decoration already. Well, I think I need a couple more days and then I can post some pictures, too :-). Have fun dressing up your home, sweetie! Hugs, Julia

  3. Yes - you are nuts !!! LOL love you anyways!!

  4. wow, you are so organized!!!! I need to be that way more!! No I have not started to decorate...I will be busy starting tomorrow cooking up 2 (over 100lbs ea) pumpkins. Then Monday we start baking fresh pumpkins pies!!!! Maybe the following wkend, when I catch my breath.

  5. Hello Liz, I started my Christmas decorating this weekend. I love getting out all my treasures Christmas Ornaments and linen and other things from Germany. It is a wonderful to see it all and it brings backs such lovely memories. YUP. I remember the Gluewein and other goodies at the Christmas Markets. I loved them soo much. Hugs Judy



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