Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Santa has Landed!

The boxes are unpacked, the lights twinkle and Santa is here!

I have been busy unpacking all the Christmas stuff....
I still have a few more boxes to do but they are all tree decorations so that will wait till next week.

Speaking of the tree...
I better check the lights since am sure I need a new string or two.
What is it with Christmas lights ??
You pack them away in working condition and then the next year half of them don't work ??
Do the light companies have little elves that sneak into our attics over the summer and break them all??
What we have invested in lights over the years...we could light up the city or a small country!
I would love to put real candles on the tree but I am afraid our house would go up in a ball of flames!
So I guess I will just have to buy more and be happy.
The sacrifices a girl has to make!

I know some (most) of you think I am crazy that I am already decorating for Christmas but I was labelled "Crazy" long ago!
Just you all are stressing out getting your decorations up ...mine are done and I am drinking a big mug of Hot Chocolate and eating who is the crazy one?? LOL

To get you motivated, here are some pictures.....

I hope these pictures get you in the Christmas mood ???
In case this doesn't work...I'll post more tomorrow.

Now go dig out your decorations so that I am not the only crazy one!



  1. Wow! We have been a busy little elf... your decorations are lovely and definitely get you in the mood... good for you for getting done so early, I have to "dig" out my decorations as when I put them away last year I ended up putting them in a more convenient location for me instead of the attic where my hubby has to get them down for me... sadly, I put them in my "craft storage" area and in one year I have accumulated so much more stuff that now the decorations are buried at the back of the room and I have to move everything to get at them..... grrr! Hugs.

  2. Liz you have got me in the mood! I have been busy buying little elves for a few years and now need to get busy! My son and his wife are coming over tomorrow so after the kid brings the boxes in from the storage unit in the backyard...we, operative word, we will decorate! Yep, you have inspired me to decorate for Christmas, thanks Liz, Elaine

  3. Hi Liz, great job! Your home looks wonderful! I'm not finished yet with my decoration because I'm still working on some Christmas projects. I guess you are right with the elves who come and brake the lights. We have just thrown away 2 strings of lights. Hugs, Julia

  4. Everything looks great Liz - love the way you set up the table tops.

  5. Your decorated groups and your dining room look beautiful and cosy. Now I'm inspired and I will start decorating too;-)

  6. hi Liz
    I love to look at your decorated house, it looks so cute.
    You did it in your sprecial way, very beautiful



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