Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Store clerks...the joy of Christmas shopping!

Did you ever come across a store clerk that you just wanted to shake ?
Or are amazed that they managed to get dressed and come into work??
Well...I had 3 of those yesterday!!

Now I know why so many people do their Christmas shopping online!

I was in a big toy store ( name withheld...don't want to be sued or anything crazy but you know the one...they R everywhere !
I found a young girl stocking shelves...I asked her where could find the toilets...she got that blank look on her face (you know the look) and they I realized she might think I am looking for kiddie pottys...so I clarified myself and said ..."Not a kids toilet ...I need to pee!
She look at me and said " I don't know! .....this amazed me!
I asked..."Have you never peed when you are at work??"
By the confused look she gave me, you would your of thought I had asked her who is the president of Guatemala ?? (by the way, it is Álvaro Colom Caballeros ...yes I googled it !)
I found another salesclerk that does pee at work and she told me were the bathrooms were.
When I was done I went back to the young girl and told her " If you ever have to pee, the toilets are over there! ( gotta help the youth!)

Then I went to another toy store ...a smaller one.
I looked all over for this tractor...couldn't find it so I asked a sales clerk.
She checked the shelves again with me and says..." I don't see it either"
So I say to her...maybe you could check the computer and see if you have some in the warehouse?
She answers..."ahhhh, thats a good idea!"
At this point I had to stop myself from laughing. I am full of good ideas!
Of course they had 2 in stock and I managed to finally leave as a happy customer :-)

The last store really amazed me....It is a chain grocery store.
The guy in front of me was buying 2 boxes of cookies (1 light chocolate, the other dark chocolate)
The cashier rang them up ...told him the price and I guess it was more then he expected so he asked...Are the cookies two different prices ??...she looks at him, and says" I don't know"! ...then looks at the cookies and says" I can't tell you!
I had to bite my tongue really hard to stop myself from saying..."Just check the darn computer screen you have in front of your face!!" From where I was standing (even without my glasses) I could see that the cookies rang in at 2 different prices.
I guess turning her head and looking at the screen was to complicated!
( by the way, she was an older lady so I can't even blame it on youth!)

I know there are good, courteous, helpful salesclerks out there...but where where they yesterday ?

Maybe I shouldn't of started my Christmas shopping on a Monday...maybe on Tuesdays their brains work better ??



  1. Hi Liz, you can't see me. I'm lying under my desk laughing. My inner eye shows me the scene where Liz returns to the young shop assistant and tells her where the loo is.
    Oh Liz, two pennies for her thoughts.
    Hugs Katja

  2. OMG! That's where all the clerks from where I live where yesterday... job sharing in your town, LOL! I love how you went back to the young girl and told her where the toilets where... now she can tell the next person who asks her, LOL! Hugs.

  3. and here i thought all the useless clerks were here in canada / we must be sisters - i have done the same thing (going back and telling the girl where something is so maybe next time they can actually help someone) love lizzie

  4. Exactly what I just wrote about on my blog today. What are they thinking?

  5. Maybe they are just having Monday's after a long weekend. Clerking can't be a bowl of cherries. Judy



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