Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dear Santa....

The elves at Jolly Jabber are playing Santa.
You have to pick anything you would like from The Fat Quarter Shop and if you get lucky (really lucky) you will win it.

Since I still believe in Santa goes my letter....

Dear Santa,
Since I can't wish for world peace ( I can't even get peace in the family how are you suppose to make the whole world get along) I am going to wish for something just for me...fabric! Aren't you surprised ?!

I saw this lovely Quilt kit called "More Pink & Chocolate"
...doesn't that sound yummy?? Two of my favourite & chocolate!

As much as I would love the quilt kit, I have found something that I would wish for even more.
Isn't this FQ bundle just adorable?
The best part is that has the same name as my sister "Eva".
When I saw it I just knew I would have to wish for would be fun to make my sister a quilt out of fabrics that have her cool is that.!

You can find my "hearts desire" at The Fat Quarter Shop....if you need directions I can get you them to ;-)
I promise to be a good girl next least I will try reeeeeally hard!
P.S. I baked extra delicious cookies for you this year!

That was fun writing Santa a letter.
Have you all written your letters to Santa??...I don't mean to panic you but Christmas is only a week away!! You better hurry or he won't get it in time.


  1. ohh you trying to tempt Santa with cookies are it aint gonna work Sista!!
    He is going to like my Santa outfit too much and forget all about your
    Hugsss Khris

  2. Hello
    Your letter to Santa is very nice and quite funny too.Its really interesting for me to read this letter.I like that you have shared your letter with us.Thank you..




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