Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hello "2010"

We have a New Year....Yeppee !!
A fresh start! I love fresh starts!!!
Every New Year's Day I start off real optimistic of all the changes I am going to make, projects I am going to finish & people I am going to visit....and every New Years Eve I dropped the ball again!
But this doesn't stop me from being hopefully and making my list ....what wonderful resolutions should I make this year??

Most of these are on my list every year and they will be till I can accomplish them...or get tired of writing them out!

- lose weight ( I desperately need to, I am getting tired of buying my clothes at the tent stores)

- stop smoking (easier said then done....& will make losing weight impossible! I only smoke 8-10 cigarettes a day...thats not bad or ?? OK---I will work on this one!)

- eat healthier ( I would if the price of fruit & vegetables weren't the price of gold...think of how much fabric I could buy with that money !)

- get more exercise (doesn't walking the dog twice a day count ? I hate gyms...they are full of skinny people that look good in spandex pants...unlike me)

- finish my WISP/UFO's ( If I didn't keep starting new ones I just might have a chance)

- buy less fabric (Laughing my head off...I didn't really mean to write that, it was something my Hubby suggested but since when do I do as he says ??)

- Organize my sewing room ( this is doable...actually it is fun since I discover all kinds of forgotten /hidden goodies)

- Clean out bedroom closet (get rid of clothes that don't fit or fall under the category of "what the heck was I thinking when I bought this?"

- Clean out basement cupboards ( donate, toss, give away stuff I haven't touched in years and never will....I have to make space for all the stuff I am going to move out of my sewing room)

I think that about does it!

I am not good at the this New Year Resolution stuff...never have been, never will be!
But I think a few of them I can actually do ...if not year I am getting this t-shirt!

What are your Resolutions???


P.S. So that I don't get a ton of negative comments...I promise I will try to eat healthier, walk the dog longer, try and smoke less, work on my WISP but I will not agree to not buying fabrics ( a girl has to have her limits!!)


  1. LOL! Good for you Liz for at least attempting to set resolutions... I don't anymore, it just makes me feel like I've failed when I don't meet them, LOL! So, what I do, is right before the Christmas part of the holidays when I am rushing around frantically trying to get things done, I usually say to myself, "next year blah blah blah blah blah", you know, make promises, but because they are not actual resolutions, it doesn't matter if I don't keep them... it's just called "well, I had good intentions", LOL! Hugs.

  2. Hello Liz,

    Happy New Year Liz to you and your sweetie, I wish you both a very Happy and Healthy New Year that will be Magical in everyway.

    This must of been a year for computers. My sweetie bought me one to. It also has Window 7 and I had the same as you soooooooooo we both will be struggling together. LOL It has program I can not ever image. It is wireless but I have NO TV with mine. Most interesting. My sweetie told me your computer set-up he has not even seen in our stores yet.

    Take care Liz, And I look forward to chatting with you in 2010. Time is passing to quickly. I wish it would slow down a bit. Hugs Jud



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