Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm getting fatter !!!

Move over Betty Crocker (Dr. Oetker, for my German friends) here comes Liz Schaffner!!!

You know how I was complaining that I can't get brown sugar here to make my Chocolate chip cookies nice and chewy.....well, I found out the secret!
It is Sugar beet molasses (Zuckerrübensirup (Grafschafter Goldsaft).

This week I saw a show about an American woman "Cynthia Barcomi" that has a bakery in Berlin and she is famous for her cookies, cakes & muffins...and she has a cook book. I figured she must know the secret!
So, while my Hubby and I were shopping in town yesterday, I checked out the book to see what ingredients she uses...she adds molasses! How easy!!
Of course I had to get the book and try it out! Not to mention there were all kinds of delicious fatting recipes in it to!

I have been baking all day and they are fabulous!!!!
Finally chewy chocolate chip cookies!!
The interesting thing was that she didn't use choco chips...she chunked up dark & milk chocolate to get a really chunky chocolate taste...of course I did it to and yummmmmmy!!!
I don't even want to know how many calories these is Christmas and I don't count calories during the holiday ( Actually I don't count calories all year ...LOL)

Don't these make you want to grab a glass of milk and munch a few ??

Since I was on a roll...I had to try and make the Oatmeal raisin with walnuts cookies...I haven't had Oatmeal cookies since I have lived in Germany ( didn't know what ingredients to get.)
I can't even tell you how yummy these are.
Since it has oatmeal in it, its not like eating a cookie...more like eating something "healthy" ...I am sticking to that theory!

Now you are wondering what is this great cook book called.... Cynthia Barcomi's Bachbuch
The book is in German ...sorry Americans but you have brown sugar and don't need these recipes !

Later in the week I want to try and make some muffins...I LOVE muffins!
But first I have to eat some of these cookies!
NO, they are not all for me...I am giving some to friends & family....and eating a few myself !

I also want to wish you a lovely 3rd Advent!

Light your candles, put on a Christmas CD and bake some yummy cookies...if I am getting fatter I want my friends to be chubby too!

P.S....only 12 more days till it time to panic yet ???


  1. Hi Liz, Thanks so much for the tip! Even though I'm not in the mood for cookies right now I would like to make some for hubby. He LOVES chocolate chip cookies. I'm chubby enough anyways, LOL. Have a lovely 3rd Advent too, sweetie!

    xoxo, Julia

  2. Merry Christmas Liz, Your Oatmeal Rasin Cookies look very yummie to me. No baking so far for me. Hope you have a lovely Holiday Season. Hugs Judy

  3. Okay... so let me get it right this time... I AM JEALOUS! Look at all the goodies you have made.... they look scrumptious... and, yes, fattening... but isn't it fattening that is what makes everything taste better?!? LOL! Hugs!

  4. Oh Liz, how many cookies did you bake! they sound delicious, just now I'm baking cookies too, I don't want that you'll keep all the calories:-))) hugs Lorenza

  5. Brown sugar is available in Germany, but it is more expensive than white sugar and it is sticky. I baked cookies from an american receipe yesterday with brown sugar (produced by Südzucker).
    Hugs Katja

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