Monday, December 14, 2009

Snow Day

This morning we woke up to a wonderful surprise....SNOW!!!
I know for some of you this isn't exciting news but for me & Max ( our dog) it was fabulous news!
We rarely get snow and we both love playing in it.
OK...he likes playing in it.... I just like how pretty it looks.

I got dressed quickly and out the door we went...usually the snow doesn't last long here so you better enjoy it right away or its gone.
We went over to the sports field and played ball....Max is a very good Goaltender! Not as good as my Nephew Adam but still pretty good.

There is nothing more funny then watching a dog run around in the snow trying to bite a ball that is to big for his mouth and to cold....but Max never gave up...the ball has enough holes in it to prove it.

Here is Max telling me to put down the camera and "play ball"!
How can you resist that face ???
Have I mentioned that he has us very well trained??

This is my boy after a good Soccer game!
Spoiled dog!!!
He looks just like my Hubby taking a bad he couldn't put his paw in his jogging pants and then it would be perfect ! LOL

At least he left me alone all day so that I could get some sewing done...there is something to be said for Snow Days!

Next Snow Day ...Max says...."Come on over"....he's ready to play ball!!!

I'll have the hot chocolate & cookies waiting for you when you come in!


  1. Max is still so cute!!! I can see that he had a lot of fun playing ball with you in the snow! Thanks for sharing those sweet pictures!

    Hugs and love,


  2. Very nice pictures from Max playing with you in the snow.
    Sorry that you're so far away, would like to come in for a hot chocolate and some cookies;-))

  3. Oh, what fun... I'll bring the dog cookies, and my two girls, who I am sure will be very impressed by a handsome due like Max.... great post! Hugs.

  4. man am i canadian / when i was looking at the pictures i thought to myself - oh look they have the hockey net out too / then i realized that it was probably a soccer net - got to love it when you make yourself laugh. miss you darling !



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