Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tis the Season to be.....FAT!

Yes, this is the holiday that we all gain about 5 pounds and then on New Years Eve swear to lose them ...ha, ha, ha!!!

Yesterday I finally baked some cookies and I realized why I always gain weight over the holidays.....have you seen the amount of butter that goes into those little nuggets of joy!
Holy Cow!!! Now wonder I get fat! (fatter!!!)
Good thing I only bake cookies at Christmas otherwise I don't want to see how big my butt would get!

Your going to love this....Weight Watchers has started a new program and the last weeks they have been advertising it like crazy.
All I could think was...Who starts a diet at Christmas time????
You might as well already admit failure!!
During the holidays I don't want to hear words like ...fat-free or calories reduced or less sugar...I want sweet, butter, fatty foods...chocolates, cookies, biscuits, gravys...all the good stuff that I don't eat all year! I want to enjoy the holidays and and not be on a DIET !! ( did you notice that diet is a 4 letter word!)
I diet all year ( with no success) so the holidays are mine to enjoy.....come the New year I will be the one crying in front of the mirror that nothing fits and I got fatter....but till then....let the cookies roll!!!

On this happy are the cookies I baked...Yes, I baked !!!
.....these are my favourites......good old fashion Chocolate chip cookies with walnuts.
I am sad to say these will be my last chocolate chip cookies till I get some more visitors from Canada or the USA...that was the last of my brown sugar :-(
I know a lot of you are saying...we have brown sugar in Germany...but it is not the same ! The American kind is made with molasses or something and it is super gooey & sweet!
I have tried making cookies with German brown sugar and they are OK...but not gooey & chewy!!
If anyone wants to visit me from the USA or Canada....I will trade you a room & board for brown sugar ...LOL

These cookies are my Hubbys favorite they are made "without" brown sugar. German we call these "Engelsaugen" which means "Angels eyes" ...They are like a Thumbprint cookies filled with jam....they are yummmy!!!

I also baked "Vanillekipferl"....I have no idea what they are called in English...I never knew of them till I came to Germany. Has anyone seen these in the US or Canada???

These are made with a ton of butter and enough powder sugar to make the dentist smile !
Normally these are a bit of a pain in the butt to make...the rolling and shaping always took hours!
This year I found this form and of course I just had to get said they would be made in minutes!
You took the dough and smeared it into the form with this spatula thingie...I felt like I was plastering the walls!
....but it worked.....the form is ready for baking .

You baked them for 10 minutes...let it cool...popped them out.....

...... gave them a good powder sugar dunking....

Viola...perfect Vanillakipferl!

I think I will make myself a cup a tea and test a few of the cookies...anyone want to join me ???
I don't mind sharing my calories!!


  1. sure I would love to join you - but I guess you live too far away from me so I cannot just come over for a Vanillekipferl and a cup of tea!

  2. Well... my, my, aren't we smug... (about our weight that is) LOL! What yummy looking goodies... you little Suzy homemaker you... my Sweetie and I don't eat many goodies when I make them, so, what's the point - they end up in my Sweetie's lunch until they're gone... although, ahem, I do have a few favourites, so if I don't make them, there's no temptation! Hugs.

  3. Dear Liz, Your cookies look very yummy!!! Vanillekipferl are one of my favorites too. This year I hadn't been in the mood for baking and I don't have a real craving for cookies right now. There must be something wrong with me since normally I just love cookies. Well, I compensate the missing calories with other fatty foods though, LOL.

    xoxo, Julia

  4. for cookies i could went through Moon...! Smileeee.

  5. Dear Liz,
    Vanillekipferl are my favourites too. I baked them a few days ago, all were rolled by hand. I never saw a form like you used.
    The "Engelsaugen" look yummy, do you tell the reciepe?

  6. Hi Liz: I would like to say that I am on my way, brown sugar in my bag!!!!! But.....alas reality sets in and I'm here to stay. Would love to come and help you eat the cookies and fatten up my ...... They look delish.
    Enjoy one for me.
    Love and Hugs, Lola

  7. Gosh, I want to sample at least three of each.
    They all look so good but I think the choc chip would be my favourite.
    Now I need to know who is going to eat all of these? You made enough for an army!




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