Friday, January 15, 2010

Blue without you!

Isn’t it funny how we remember the things you didn’t have as a child?
I remember wanting this doll called Thumbelina …she was tiny, had a cloth body so that she felt like a real baby and had a string in her back that you pulled and she squirmed.
I never did get her but I never forgot her…isn’t that funny?!
I wonder if any of you remember her?

I was talking to my little sister about this and she told me how she always wanted a “blue” bedroom but as a kid she wasn’t allowed to have a blue room (blue was for boys)
I had the pink bedroom and she had a lilac bedroom ( that probably explains why she hates lilac till today)

This gave me ideas for my sisters Christmas gifts.
I couldn’t give her a “Blue” room but I could give her a few blue things to put in her crafting room.






This is her & I sitting on a pony…it was always her favorite picture of us as kids.

I included a key since she has the key to my heart, some music sheets since she loves to dance and “blue” since she always wished it.

Since I love Teddy bears I had to make her a bear of her own to hug when I am not there. The arms & legs were attached with buttons so that they are moveable…she can pose him how she likes.

bear  bear stand He is my first Tilda bear (from the Sew Pretty Homestyle book)…isn’t he to cute!

Last but not least a little heart.I bought the little wooden owl button looooong ago and knew one day I would make something with it (she loves owls)


            Do you think that is enough “blue” ?? for eva

Every once in a while I actually do make something !



  1. I love your collage, Liz! What a sweet picture of you both! Ohhh, and what a cute teddy bear. He is gorgeous! The heart is very sweet too. Your sister must have been thrilled!


  2. Liz your sis will be so excited to get al your goodies. You did a great job, each little things means so much. Love the bear... Oh by the way. Did I tell you I have a blue sewing room lol

  3. Liz... everything is so adorable... and such a pretty blue too! Your sister will love it.... you'll have to stop by my blog soon and see what I made my sister (I'm just waiting for her to tell me it arrived before I post it).... oh, and yes, I remember Thumbelina! Hugs.

  4. Yes, lizzie i did love everything / it was extremely thoughtful of you - what's gotten into you hahahahaha / love and miss you terribly.

  5. your collage is delightful Liz, what a wonderful gift for your sister I am sure she will be really pleased to receive this! Such a delightful blue...

  6. Good Day Liz, Wow what lovely things you have made for your sister. Every creation is beautiful. I especially love the teddy. I am sure will love and treasure all the wonderful gift you created for her. Hugs Judy

  7. I love everything you made for your sister. You are lucky to have each other. I always wanted a sister. Yes, I remember Thumbelina!~Blessings, Karen

  8. Your sister will be happy for this lovely blue present: very nice. Hugs Lorenza



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