Monday, January 25, 2010


Have you ever noticed how powerful words are?
Some words should NOT be allowed!

I was at my family doctors and he said that my MRI results suggested that I needed to go to a “Nuclear medicine doctor”.
I don’t know about you but words like “Nuclear medicine” scare the crap out of me!
The word Nuclear scares me !!
When I put it together with a doctor, I am even more scared!
I have to admit that I blanked out and heard nothing after “Nuclear”.
I took my referral slip and came home and all I could think was …..”Dam, now that I quit smoking my body is going to fall apart!! (No I didn’t smoke, only because I didn't have any but to be honest with you if you would of offered me one I would if took it)

I called the Nuclear doctor to make an appointment…I go tomorrow …I guess they are not very busy…heck, who wants to go to them ??
The secretary was very nice and explained everything…they will give me a shot…I go away for 2 hours and then come back and my body will be scanned for about an hour. I guess I am injected with some kind of dye so that I can glow for the machine. ( Dye & glow are 2 more words that shouldn’t be allowed in connection with the body.)
Having some glowing dye injected into me doesn't make me jump up and down with joy!

The only good thing is that the doctors office is “down town” which means I can go shopping for the 2 hours before I turn into a “Glowworm”.
Now that is a word that is always allowed…………….”SHOPPING”!!!!

**Just a little update**…I still haven’t smoked !

24 smoke free days!

24 days from Hell!

Whoever said it would get easier ...Lied!!! is a bit easier ...I don't need an Excersist but I still CRAVE a smoke a couple times a day.

My jaw is starting to hurt from chewing all the gum, I need to find something else to put in my mouth other then gum...I won't even tell you what my Hubby suggested??
Pretzel stitcks!! Yuck, I hate pretzel sticks! What did you think I would write ??? ;-)


  1. hi Liz, welcome to the world of the nuked!!
    I have had these scans before, bit of a doddle really, so hoping it all goes well for you too!
    Keep up the good smoke free stuff too!

  2. Hi Liz... keep on thinking positively in all aspects of your life... congrats on being smoke free for this long... and if you're gonna shop, make it worthwhile, VBG! Hugs.

  3. woohooo...way to go Liz...keep up the good can do this!!! hugs Khris

  4. Hello Liz, Good on you for sticking with your smoke free life. Doctor appt. no matter what is always a anxious time. I will pray that your test will all come good. And most important have fun shopping. Hugs Judy vbg



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