Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some days.....

You know you've had enough winter when you see this.....
That is how my week has been!
I've had enough!

Monday started innocent Hubby & I dropped my car off for its inspection and other pollution control and stuff they make you do in Germany ( basically it's a way to grab a couple hundred Euro out of your pocket)
I gave the lady my keys and I had to give her my registration papers too...I looked and looked in my purse and they were nowhere to be found. At this point my Hubby is making "not impressed" faces and I tell him to check his wallet ( we change cars often that maybe he has my papers) ....guess what, he doesn't have the papers to his car either ! Ha, Smartie Pants!
Now panic sets in ...without the papers they can't do the inspection and without the inspection I don't get my sticker and without the sticker I can't drive my car...a lovely mess!
We leave the car and tell them we will look at home for the papers and bring them by in the morning.
Needless to say the whole evening was spent going through ALL of your papers, every cupboards, every purse ( I did find my Hubbys papers in one of my purses) but my papers were no where to be found...this is not good!

Tuesday my Hubby dropped my ownership papers off at the dealers so they could do the inspection stuff. (they can't put the sticker on till they see the registration papers...don't you just love German bureaucracy?!)
The car passed the test after a 500€ bill !

Oil, filters & god knows what else costs a couple hundred, the stickers cost another hundred and then of course I needed new back brakes..another couple hundred....what a lovely day!
The best part is I still don't have my stickers since I have to get my new papers (Hubby will do that tomorrow)

Wednesday... started with a visit to my family doctor to find out the results of my blood tests (they haven't been good lately and I have been very tired) At least we know why I am tired, my Thyroid is inactive...which means I have to take a pill to regulate it ...yeppee!! More pills !!
I want to get off all the pills I am on now, not add another sure gets wonderful after 40! After the doctors I was off to the dentists...not so bad...two tiny fillings!

Hubby got my new car registration papers ...they cost 50€ so he told me I better never find the old ones ( if I ever do, he'll never know about it !

Today is doctors, no cars, no nothing!!
I am just going to play in my sewing room fabrics are calling my name.

Maybe I will finish something or start something new???

Friday will be another fun filled to the gynecologist (thank god he is good looking, makes the test nicer ;-) ...then I have to have my shoe inserts adjusted ( the ones I got for my heel spur they hurt like heck) and then to the car place to show them my papers and get my little (expensive) sticker!I hope you are all having a better week then I am ??
If not, write me and tell me about it ...misery loves company!

P.S: There was one bright star in my week...I won a prize on Gail Pan's giveaway ...some moments make up for the rest!


  1. Awwww Liz... I am sorry you have had a bad week... but better to get it all over and done with in one shot than prolong it, right? VBG! Hope things are now looking up.... I knew you had won Gail Pan's prize and I meant to drop you a line to congratulate you, but didn't get around to it, so congrats now!... love, love, love your fabric colours... can't wait to see what your making! Hugs.

  2. Hi, Liz.. you sure had a bad bad weeek.I know how you must have felt about the paper for your car.Then the visits to doctors, it sure does not help.Hopefully all is fine now. I sure like your material,beautiful color.Do you have any ideas what you are going to do? I will keep on the look out.

  3. What a horrid week you have had....I do hope things pick up for you and lots of smooth sailing happens. At least you had a win..and a lovely win too :) Hows the non-smoking going? I hope you are well and truly over smoking now. I dont know if I could handle all that isnt for me.

  4. oh Du arme, das war wirklich zuviel!!!!
    Papiere suchen das kenne ich nur zu gut!



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