Thursday, March 4, 2010

Comments & Update

I want to apologize for not replying to every ones comments.
Be assured I do read them and enjoy them but some days I just can't keep up with all the emails. (if you saw my mailbox you would believe me)
I am going to pretend I answered every ones comment and start with a fresh slate.....ahhhhhhh, now I feel better !
One question a lot of you asked is how my not smoking is going.

I haven't killed anyone so I would say it is going pretty good !
I still crave a cigarette a couple times a day but now I can leave the house and not worry I will run someone down for a smoke.
I am happy to say I haven't smoked for 61 days!!
I know it isn't a long time but it is a start and I am hanging in there ( to my surprise!)

Yesterday I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned.
Now my "pearly whites" can blind you across the street.
There is something special about having your teeth cleaned...they feel so smooth & shiny.
I don't want to mess them up by smoking, now do I ??

Actually, I wanted to treat myself with some fabrics for my 2nd month Anniversary ( hey, a girl has to use any excuse she can to buy fabrics) but as usual I can't decide which ones to buy ??
I wanted "Aster Manor" ( just LOVE them ), "Mill House Inn" is also pretty, love the reds of "Rouenneries", it would be fun to make something wild with "Blush"…

......which is a girl to pick???

ahhhhhh, there are to many nice fabrics and not enough money! (thought I was going to say time...there isn't enough of that either !)

What should I get ??

Decisions, decisions, decisions...we know how I am with them !


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