Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Party was a success!

As you may remember I joined the Spring Sewing Party at Charming Chatter and all I can say is that it was a great success for me !!
After changing my mind 10 times what to work on I finally did manage to finish a purse that had been sitting on my cutting table for a while waiting to be sewn. (see below posting)
I also made a little Kleenex holder for it…after all Spring time is sniffle time.
I cut all of the blocks for my future WISP……
”A Gardener’s Journal”.
I just have to transfer all the design to the fabric, cut the batting for the backs and then I can stitch it …no problem ..LOL

I managed to get “My Sweet Home” ready for stitching.
MY sweet home.jpg

I wanted to start stitching this on Sunday but the Olympics kept me jumping and I would of just stab myself ( I am into Acupuncture but not self induced!)

Now comes the “cute” Spring project I had promised to show you……First you need a box of crayons….
crayonsNow you draw this cute pattern onto fabric that you can find here.
drawing.jpg Then you start to color it. This is the part I loved. I use to love to color when I was a little girl…actually I still do.

Now it should look something like this.
Is that just the cutest thing you have seen ??
This is Spring for me!
bunnies 2 That is as far as I got but I think that is a lot for me!

I am really happy with the Spring Sewing Party…..not only did I get some projects finished, some new ones started but I met new friends by checking out their blogs and they mine.
Thanks Kelly & Joan and everyone else that popped in for some coffee & chocolate…it was a great Party!


  1. Love your little kleenex holder... doesn't it feel great when you accomplish something!! Love your easter pic too... are you gonna set it then embroider it?? I've been working on some color/embroider stuff lately, but don't like the medium I used to set it... so scrapped the item... must find something better to set it... haven't tried the crayola yet... I know it is supposed to set with iron, but I am curious if it will wash out or not - when I have time I'll experiment more... boy, can I yak sometimes, LOL! Hugs.

  2. Hello Liz, I think Spring has arrived in Michgian. Wee crouces coming out of the earth. Can you believe?? Your Spring stitching Party projects are truly very pretty. Your coloring is great. I have done a couple of projects like that too. Isn't it super to start and finish a project. Guess what Heather gave my blog a new look. You will have to come and take a look. Happy Spring sorta. Hugs Judy



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