Sunday, April 11, 2010

Give me a Dentist !!

This is a sentence you don’t hear me say often but today I am screaming it. My back tooth decided to “come alive”…I mean REALLY ALIVE!! It is sooooo ALIVE that I could just pull it out of my head! If it wasn’t covered in gold I would probably consider looking in my Hubbies tool box for some pliers. But since it is a crowned tooth it has to stay in my head cost to much to rip out….darn!

I have been eating pain pills all day but they are not working as much as I wish they were, so I decided to search the net for some home remedies (last result before I get the rum out) and look what I found…..Cocaine Tooth Drops!

Now this is something I could use ! I am sure they would kill my pain, if not they would make me so happy I would forget about it. Pity it is an old ad and is no longer available…why do they always get rid of the good stuff ??

Toothache Guess I will go take another pain pill and torture my Hubby a bit…he should feel some of the pain I do… “ Misery Loves Company!”

Then tomorrow you will hear me say those awful words… ”Give me a Dentist!”



  1. Oh dear - hope you get it fixed ok. Teeth typically do tend to play up.... during the night or on the only days when you can't just call a dentist.

  2. Hi Sweetie, I'm sorry that you are in pain! You can try to keep one or more cloves around that tooth for a while. This could help to reduce the pain. I hope it will get better soon!
    Big Hugs,

  3. Oh my Liz, So sorry to hear about your tooth /pain. Do you have oral gel. rub it on your tooth and gums.
    Also a shot of good ole whiskey helps.
    My mother used to rub my gums with it when i was teething . really it helps..

  4. Liz... sorry to hear about your toothache... hope you are pain free soon. Hugs....

  5. Oh no ... how awful! Go see a dentist ASAP - as those cocaine drops are no longer available ;-))
    Take good care of you, will you ??? big big hug,Frauke



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