Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It’s gone!

I am still here but my tooth is gone! I still can’t believe it! They pulled my tooth!

I went in to the dentist first thing Monday morning thinking he would give me a shot & antibiotic for my infected tooth but instead he told me “we have to pull it” you should of seen me jump out of the chair ( I even shocked the doctor) I was not prepared for having a tooth pulled! I didn’t think dentists did that anymore? I thought they made you spend a fortune saving your teeth not pulling them out.

After a 10 minute discussion of him explaining that we could do some fancy oral surgery, root canals and god knows what else he said ( it would cost me about 2000€ ) and then in a year it would have to be pulled, so I decide to let him pull it now. Do you know how much fabric 2000€ buys ?? ALOT !!!Stock_Lots_Of_Poly_Single_SpandexIf I had know how much pain I would of been in for the last 2 days I would of paid the 2000€ ! Oh my Goodness!! I never knew pulling an infected tooth was sooooooo painful! I won’t even tell you how much whining I have been doing ( lets put it this way…ALOT!)..actually I am still whining!)

The last time I had a tooth pulled was over 20 yrs ago and were my Wisdom teeth ( why do we call them that ?? Are they wise ?? Are we wiser with them ??) ….anyways….I had all 4 pulled at once ( yes, your reading that right) I figured if they only pulled 2 and it hurt, I would never come back so it was all 4 or nothing. Surprising I had no pain, I even went out that night to a pub and smoked & drank ( my wild days). Today I am laying on the couch whining like a baby…I am getting old! Somebody please pass me the pain pills!!



P.S. I wonder if I put my tooth under my pillow would the tooth fairy come?? All that pain should be good for a book or a FQ or 2 ?? …I will have to talk with him!


  1. Poor darling! hope it heals well and very quickly. YOu could try your luck with the Tooth Fairy. Being something of an expert about fairies (FairyFiligree!!:) I have a hunch you might be a teeny bit too old for that sort of thing, but perhaps if you let somebody close enough know of your misery and your high hopes, they just might step in for the TOoth Fairy. Good luck!

  2. That sounds aweful! I'm so sorry that you are having such pain, dear Liz! It's definitely worth 4 FQs and 2 book :-)!!! If the tooth fairy doesn't agree, send him over to me and I will tell him!
    I hope you'll get well soon!

  3. oh you poor thing.. I am so sorry you are going thru so much pain... But i am glad it will be all over soon. It is better to pull it now than trying to fix it and then after spending all that cash you only have to have it pulled... That happened to me a few years back.
    I even asked the doctor to pullit in the beginning but he wanted to TRY to save it... YEa right.... Now if I ever get another tooh ache it is going to be PULL PULL PULL
    Take it easy you deserve some pity and some love

  4. Liz, this sounds awful. I wish that you will be painless soon.



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