Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Hubby is back at work….

…can you see the big smile on my face!!

smile1Don't get me wrong…I love my Hubby but when he is home for 2 weeks ( and it rains every other day) he can get on my nerves! It isn't so much that he gets on my nerves…he just messes up my days that I get nothing done. Do you know what I mean?? Actually I shouldn’t blame him…today I have managed to get absolutely nothing done ( unless reading a book and taking a nap in the garden counts??…I did walk Max…that is worth 10 points! )

I don’t know why I am so tired ?? I could just sleep all day!

As I was in the garden I took some pictures of my flowers. Everything is starting to really bloom. (with all the rain we have gotten, it should be!)

Say Hello to some of new friends…..

New flowers

and Good-bye to the old ones….They were lovely while they lasted…I’ll look forward to them next year!

Old flowers Old flowers2

Guess I should go outside and pull some weeds…you know…”those flowers that we didn't plant”!


P.S. Thank you to everyone that sent their concerns about Max. He is doing well. I on the other hand am nervous every time we see another dog. I hope it gets better soon or Max is going to get long walks as we try to avoid every dog and I know that isn't good. I wonder if there are "Doggie Therapists" and if they make house calls ??


  1. Hello My Friend,

    Well you should experience a DH who is retired. very sad face. I love him too BUT it seems like I am conforming to his schedule instead of mine. Oh, well, I am sure over time we will work it out.

    LOVE your flowers. Please do tell me what the name of the flowers are in the last photo in the top right and bottom left. Thanks

    And would you please tell me how you put all those photo together. Please Pretty Please with sugar on it. VBG Hugs Judy

  2. HI, CJ has make the point. You have to find a hobby for your hubby til he thinks about retirement.
    Maybe you can ask Ozzy Osburn about a dog therapists. I saw it on their programm.
    Hugs Katja



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