Thursday, June 17, 2010

Strawberry time!!

Two years ago when my sister was here with her son, we went strawberry picking. We ate strawberries all day and even made jam.

Adam...look what we did yesterday!!

Picked big fat strawberries! the same field, when you were here.Strawberries 

We thought of you both the whole time !    

Sure wish you were here !!

Adam, we even made your favorite meal (other then Bratwurst) ...Strawberries & noodles!!

Some of you are wondering...strawberries & noodles??

It is one of my Hubbys favorite meal...reminds him of when he was a little boy and went to Omas for lunch.

It's yummy and easy. I am going to share the family recipe with you. We are a family that likes easy recipes!

Clean Strawberries, cut into pieces...add to pot and cook about 10 minutes. (or as long as the noodles need to cook) You don’t need to add water, the strawberries make their own juice. You can add some sugar to sweeten them and a squeeze of lemon juice. Viola…done!  strawberries cookingAdd on top of cooked noodles.plate  Enjoy !!!! Guten Appetit!

Proof that they were yummy…my plate is clean!plate empty 

Just so you don't think all I do is just eat...sometimes I also make something.

Here are a couple strawberry Ice Cream Pincushions I made for my sister and one for my sister will remember our Strawberry time together.

Ice cream

Now I am off to pick up some Pectin, I have to make jam . There is no way we can eat 8.5 kgs (18.5 pounds) of strawberries.

Sis, I sure wish you were here!!


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