Monday, July 19, 2010

A mouse in the house….

…not the ugly little ones that run across your floor and scare the poop out of you…but a pretty handmade one!

Look what my friend Susanne in Australia sent me…she made this adorable mouse Pincushion just for me.IMG_4159

She even put a label on the bottom…now I will never forget from whom it is …clever idea!Label mouse A while back Susanne had shared a picture of a mouse pincushion she had made and I had told her I LOVED it…she promised to make me one ( never did I think she actually would …If I had know I would told her I loved her car or sewing machine)

I  don’t know if I can stick pins into her…she is just too cute! I think I will put her on my kitchen window-sill for a while so that she can snatch up all the crumbs….she looks a bit hungry after her long journey.IMG_4155 Thank you sooooo much Susanne for the mouse, magazine (you know I love Australian mags), fabrics & stick pin. It truly was a pleasant surprise…..have I mentioned how much I love your sewing machine.??!!


P.S. She needs a name…I think I will call her “Molly”


  1. Hi Liz,
    What a lucky gal you are. Hope you have lots of fun with Molly - LOL.
    Warm hugs,



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