Sunday, July 18, 2010

One of those days….

Do you ever wish you could change a day or start it over. I am not talking about big world changing things….I just mean little things. Well, Thursday I had one of those days.

It started out so nice…the weather was finally cool, I had gotten up early and had all these plans for the day (weeding in garden, cleaning house and doing some fun shopping…we have been having temperatures in the upper 30°C which means I haven’t done a thing in a while …my house & garden started to show it) I was really looking forward to the day ….I should I known that something would go wrong.

I will make the long story short…..

Went for a walk with Max….We were running…Max stopped…I didn’t…I flew over him…landed on my left knee….PAIN, actually BIG PAIN!!!….hobbled all the way home. Iced the knee…took lots of pain pills…laid on the couch all day and dreamed about all the things I wanted to do!


Friday I woke up with even more pain…finally broke down and went to the Doctors ( have I mentioned I hate doctors?!) Doctor saw my report from my MRI’s….both knees are shot (not just from the fall, old age) but …which means surgery, ASAP! …( have I mentioned that I hate hospitals even more then I hate Doctors)

Needless to say I have spent the whole weekend on the couch icing my knee, taking pain pills, drooling on myself and watching mindless TV (why is there never anything good on when your sick in bed ??)

..…my house is still a mess, the garden still needs weeding and it looks like Julia’s gift will be late since I can’t go shopping ( but she is use to that..LOL)

Back to my pain pills…..



  1. Oh Sweetie, just get well soon! That's the most important! Hopefully the pain pills help and you can relax a little bit.
    Big hugs to you,

  2. Liz... I am so sorry to hear of your accident... I hope the surgery comes quickly and the pain disappears soon... take care. Hugs.

  3. Liz, I hope you get well soon and don't need any pain pills.
    greetings from Switzerland

  4. You poor thing. Hope the pain lessens and you get the surgery quickly. Speedy recovery.

  5. Oh Liz.....I really do feel your pain. Did the same thing except it was a granddaughter who stopped in front of me - in the middle of Epcot Center at Disney.! Same knee.....and excruciating pain. Found out what it means to 'see stars'! Simple arthroscopic surgery did the trick. Stock up on some hand work and books and let everyone else take care of you.



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