Sunday, September 26, 2010

Holy Zucchini Charlie Brown!

The other day I was walking Max with my niece Laura when we came upon a Zucchini patch. She asked the farmer if she could pick one…he said she could have anyone that she could carry.

This is what she picked…and who says size doesn’t matter !?Laura & Zucchini The zucchini weighs 3,304grs. (7.28 lbs) and was almost 50cm (19”) long.

What the heck am I going to do with so much Zucchini ??

Zucchinni Muffins

Well…today I baked some muffins ( it was suppose to be Bread but Laura wanted them in Muffin forms…good thing…it only took 30 minutes to bake instead of an hour.

IMG_4607As you can see they were yummmmmmmy !           These muffins got the “Thumbs up” from the whole family!

I used this recipe  (sorry it is in German but ironically it is originally a Canadian recipe…eh!)….I would cut down on the sugar a bit ( I don’t like sweet) and I added some raisins.  Tomorrow I have to buy more eggs…I still have a lot of Zucchini left!

Since it has been raining allllllll day I had to stay in my sewing room and sew today…darn! LOL

My friend Silke had made a cute sunflower tote. Since I LOVE Sunflowers and am slowly getting in the Autumn mood I figured I would make one too ( no zippers today)

I dug out my sunflower fabrics …here is a sneak preview…I will post the finished purse tomorrow.

sunflowers Have a nice rainy day!



  1. Hi Liz,

    I miss the zucchini in my mothers garden. But every year we had too many and forgot to pick them. So they got really big and didn'd taste. (And I thought they could explode one day. ;) )

    What about a visit in my mothers shop? I remember there are some fabrics you liked in Bergen.... ;)

    ... Chris

  2. Sounds and looks yummy, Liz! I never know what to do with all the zucchini either once I get started... looking forward to seeing your tote! Hugs.



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