Friday, October 1, 2010

Some days I am just pleased with myself!

Simone at Perle4U was having a contest and since I “play” and I mean that literally with beads I thought I would enter. She sent you the pattern free but you had to be done by Sept 30. To be honest with you this was my chance to try out a professional pattern so I jumped at it !

Of course I found out about this contest after the entry date was over but I wrote Simone ( since I have no shame) and she said I could still enter and sent me the pattern…now wasn’t that super nice of her? I think it was!

I have to tell you the hardest part was getting the Rivoli bead for the middle …I went to 3 beading shops before I found one ( I figured it was faster then ordering online…after all I only had a week to make it….don't forget I have never made anything like this before and I wasn't sure how many times I would have to take it apart before I got it right?)

I am happy to say that Simone’s instructions were great… with lots of pictures for beginners and I got it right the first time!

Your probably thinking…stop babbling and show us the picture….here is my bead!

BellaTrix2Isn’t that cool!?

The beads between the green ones are actually gold ones…maybe you can see it better here? It is hard to take pictures when it is cloudy & raining outside.

BellaTrix Gold 

My Hubby liked the back but he's a guy and what does he know ?IMG_4619

I am happy with it and that is all that matters…right!

If you want to see some beautiful pieces …check out the entries to the contest ( I am relieved that my picture was late this morning…there is NO way I could of competed with those works of art.)

Now I have to search the net for more beads.



  1. That's REALLY cool! Will we see more beads from you then? ;)

  2. Lovley star - you are really clever. Am just going to check out on the competition!

  3. Lovely Liz, you did a great job... I'll have to check out the others in the contest.... I am sure my Mum would love to try that pattern.... Hugs!



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