Monday, January 31, 2011

Collecting ??

Do you ever wonder why you collect something???

In my kitchen, by the window I have a glass that I collect wine corks in.Corks Last night my Hubby open a bottle of wine and asked me if I was still collecting the corks ??

I said …yes!

Then he asked me …”What are you collecting them for”? ( I have been know to collect silly things for projects…he figured this was the case here)

Would you believe I couldn’t answer him…I can’t remember why I am collecting Wine Corks???

I know I saw on a Blog ( but which one??) a cool tip or trick or craft using corks and I decided to save them for it…now I can’t remember why ??

Has that ever happened to you ??

Is this another sign of getting old??

If anyone knows why I am saving wine corks…please tell me…I real would hate to give up drinking wine …collecting the corks was a good excuse!


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