Monday, February 21, 2011

Looking for …chocolate!

I need your help!

My Hubby brought home a couple of chocolates that a colleague gave him…and I fell in love with them. The problem is that no one knows where to get them ( he got them from a friend that got them from a hotel…or something crazy like that)

If you  seen these chocolates….call me right away! Chocolate They are called Arabian Delights Chocolate (Choco-Date with almond) by LaRonda. They are from Saudi Arabia.

If anyone in Germany has seen them or knows where to get them …please let me know!




  1. Liz, I just googled that chocolate and it looks like it comes from Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. It just so happens that my friends that live across the street are going there next week! I will ask them to pick some up if they can, and then send it on to you. Can't promise, but I'll try! ;o)



    P.S. You also might be able to buy it on-line. Look for a web address on the wrapper!

  2. Know what you mean! I had these when I was visiting Dubai and they are to die for. The juices are running just thinking of the taste.



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