Saturday, March 5, 2011

Have you ever……

waited for a package to arrive that you thought would never come…well, mine arrived today!!! Yepee!!


Two weeks ago I won a prize in Cyndi’s Birthday Giveaway. I have been dying to brag about it but I wanted to wait till the package arrived since I couldn’t believe I actually won…..not 1 FQ …not 2 FQ’s but 18 FQ’s ….a whole FQ Bundle of Tidbit fabrics! How exciting is that!!
Are you drooling as much as I am??

Tidbits FQs This picture does the fabrics no justice but I am to excited to start playing around taking the perfect picture. Trust me when I say they are “drooling” gorgeous!

When Cyndi wrote me & told me I won…I was super excited ( still am) but I knew right away what quilt I was going to make with the fabrics…..BUT….now that I see them in person…I don’t want to cut them up…..they are just to pretty. I think I will have to look at them for a while before I can convince myself to cut them into little pieces. (Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me ??)

Cyndi had also told me that she had include a couple extra goodies…she has a strange idea what extra goodies mean…to me this looks like a prize!

Extras This package couldn’t have come at a better time. I haven’t been doing so well ( health-wise) and had spent the last week at clinics & doctors and now my new meds are making me sick.

I woke up feeling awful, nauseated, dizzy and was ready to spend the day in bed having a “pity party” …I still feel nauseated & dizzy but I am HAPPY and have one big fat smile on my face!

It is amazing what a package can do !

Thank you Cyndi!!                                                                  You made my day…heck you made my week…if I am honest, you made my month!

I can’t wait till my Hubby comes home so I can show him what I won…I know what he will say….”Only a quilter could get this happy over fabrics”….at least I am easy to please !

All this excitement is making me dizzier…I am going to crawl back in bed but I will take my package with me…I want to stroke my fabrics, read my magazine and eat my chocolates …..ahhhhh, this is going to be a good day!



P.S: I still can’t believe I on 18 FQ’s! Oh Happy day!


  1. So happy the package finally arrived, and has made you so happy! Enjoy those "Tidbits" my friend! ;o)



  2. WOW, Liz, they are pretty !!! and yes I understand you perfectly well, just wrote that on my blog yesterday, I attended a wonderful course with Bonnie Hunter on scrappy quilts, but I hate to get rid of my fabrics :-) they are mine, they have been with me sooo long, they belong to the family !!!!
    get well soon !!!! luv Lisa

  3. Congratulations on winning such a great prize, Liz! You deserve it!!!
    Hopefully you'll get better soon, sweetie!
    Big Hugs,



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