Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring is coming…finally!

Look what I found popping its little head out…my mini Daffodils are coming up…Spring

…my Tulips are starting to push their way up…


…my Crocuses are blooming…..


I even found a single tiny Snowdrop…the birds must of carried here since I ever planted any.


…and my Christmas Rose is going strong …


aaah, I love the signs of Spring!

But not everything survived the winter…I am so sad my Birdbath exploded….hope I can find a new one?

Birdbath I am off to play in the garden a bit…my niece wants to help hang Easter eggs in the trees…after all the Easter Bunny will be coming soon ( that's what she tells me!)




  1. hi LIz
    wonderful spring flowers...
    I love spring.

  2. Okay Liz! Now you are just showing off, LOL!!! It definitely ain't spring at this end of the world... I don't think any little flowers would dare try to poke their head out in 3+ feet of snow, LOL! I'm jealous! Hugs.

  3. Hello Liz,

    Your Spring is miles ahead of ours. I enjoyed looking at your lovely Spring Flowers. So sad to see your bird bath broken. I have one wee crocus trying to bloom today. I was so happy to see it. I posted a pic of it on my blog.

    I hope you are feeling better. Know I am thinking of you.

    Lucky you to receive such a lovely gift from your hubby. I have NO clue how to use something like this.

    Happy Spring. Hugs Judy



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